WDW's 5th park, Night Kingdom?


You never know how much you can trust the integrity of these sort of articles & rumors but I DEFINATELY found it interesting indeed. I, for one, would DEFINATELY volunteer to do the bat caves & feeding a hippo but watching lion & hyenas do their predatory stuff with night vision goggles… umm, not so sure about that one.

Hmm, what does everyone think?

Jim Hill : Night Kingdom to reimagine the Disney-theme-park-going experience


I don’t believe it!! If they are going to do an after hours animal encounter park, why don’t they just use the park they have . . . why would they spend (what was it?) 520 million more?

And only 2000/day . . . with the amount of people Disney gets per day, that number seems low . . . you’d have to book WAY WAY in advance!! Plus the 2/4 ratio seems a little crazy?

I’m all for a good Disney rumor . . . but i really hope they spend their money elsewhere (like just updating the parks they have) then do this!

:happy: that’s my opinion! :blush:


I really don’t know what to think about Night Kingdom. It’s interesting, but not something I think I would do.


I just don’t get the whole thing and it doesn’t sound like something for my family. Who knows if it’s even true at this point.


The article is so detailed that I wonder… and isn’t Jim Hill very well informed?

I’m thinking that this might be true. There will be people who will spend that kind of money. But for those prices, it will have to be an outrageously amazing experience to sustain itself.


Some say very well informed, some say very full of bologna. :laugh:


interesting…I heard speculation of this on Allearsnet and I have to agree with what they said–it seems like it’d be a neat addition to Animal Kingdom but isn’t meaty (or interesting) enough for a full park.


Although it is intersting I don’t think we would ever go. Not our cup of tea. I am also confused as to where it would be located. In Pleasure Island?
I just wonder if it would really be that popular.


hmmmmmm… Sounds like its pretty well put together… I dont know if it will happen or not…


I had to pick I don’t think it will work even though I like the concept I think it could be added as a special event like a MVMCP or something like that but not as a 5th park that the masses couldn’t enjoy


I think WDW could spend that kind of $$ on a better 5th gate. I also agree with Anita on allears that it would more than likely turn out to be an after hours offering at AK. That makes more sense! We shall see, I don’t think I would ever shell out that kind of $$.


I can’t get my DH to spring for after hours parties like MVMCP or P&P Party, let alone hundreds of dollars for a night park. With three kids it just would be way too expensive.


I think it sounds interesting. I am not sure that I would like it so much. The Hippos part sounds really neat and the show, but it just doesn’t sound that amazing and where would Mr Mouse be?


Doesn’t sound like a fun park to me. That is just crazy. I would not want my 8 year old on a zip line above crocs!!!


I think it sounds neat and I think there are lots of people who would be willing to pay for something like this. Not families but singles and couples with lots of money to blow.


Definitely agree with this.

We adore Animal Kingdom, and something like this would be a FANTASTIC addition to AK…even with a hefty price tag. But I just don’t see this as a standalone park. It fits better as a non-park attraction, as an expensive “experience” if you will.


I could never bring my whole family to that for an evening. Way too expensive! That is almost the same as a week pass at Disney. As neat as it would be, I just couldnt’ justify the cost.


I’ll give it a run.


I’d probably do it alone & hope to make a friend for the evening b/c Daniel doesn’t do very well with ‘creatures’ after dark. :laugh: Just ask him about scorpian hunting with black lights in the Mohave desert at night. :pinch:

I’ll try anything Disney once, but like I said, I’d probably have to venture alone… for cost & spouse refusal purposes. :laugh:


Jim hill, while normally sorta right, has been wrong a lot lately. It was he who announced the Nightmare before christmas party to happen last year and MGM…never happended. That is just one of many rumors or tales I have seen from him. I do not believe that WDW will have a much anticipated 5th park only available to 2000 guests at a time…nor do I believe that they would staff it with 4000 cast members…the waste in potential profits and payroll doesn’t speak disney to me. Disney, while it is my favorite place to visit, is about making mass amounts of money…this isn’t their style at all.