WDW/US and IOA/DCL trip


I will start a TR in the morning. Here are some pictures till then.


That was a teaser!! :heart:


Beautiful pics! Can’t wait to see more!


Great pics… looking forward to more…


Can’t wait to see more!


The crew

We first stayed at BLT. I really love this place!. The only thing I didn’t like was there isn’t a bathroom sink in the bathroom. We stayed on the 7th floor with MK view(studio) and my mom had a standard view(studio) on the 5th.


Thanks everyone! Here are more pix from around BLT


One afternoon we went up to The Top of the World Lounge. It was just me,DH,DSis(28), and one other guy.


Here is are some views from our studio.
View from DM’s studio


Wow, what beautiful pics and an amazing view. Makes me want to join DVC just so I can stay there.


GORGEOUS pics!!! Can’t wait to see more and hear all about your trip!


Love your pics.
Say, does anyone ever take time out besides Smee and Llama to hit the tennis courts when at WDW?


The BLT looks incredible. Looking forward to your TR.


So on the 27th we went to MNSSHP. It started to drizzle as we got to the gate and by the time we got to the castle it was over. :smile:


More pix
Somehow when we were walking around MK someone put a sticker on my brother’s back. It says Honorary Prince of the Day…I think it’s so cute.


A few more from MNSSHP


We won tickets to US and we needed to use them before the end of the year. It was a 7 day both parks pass but we only did one day. We didn’t get to US until 10:30 and I was sure that The Simpsons ride would be a 90 min wait like in Jan. I was so wrong as there wasn’t a line at any ride at US. I said to my DH everyone must be at IOA. The most we had to wait was like 5 mins at MIB until they got enough people. We did everything at US then headed to IOA around 12:15. We get to IOA and it was also empty. All the rides didn’t have more then 10 min wait times. We had lunch then went around IOA. We did both US and IOA by 3:45.


Some pictures of how WWOHP is coming along.

Here is one from Jan.



aww i am loving this trip report! and it’s good to know you can do us and ioa in one day!


Now on to the best part of the trip…our 1st Disney Cruise!! First, at check-out they told me I ordered a cheese platter for $40. I told them it wasn’t me…we were at MNSSHP when the order took place. After about 15 mins they found out it was room 7228 and my room was 7728. After being in the mini-van for what felt like forever…I see this.