We are arriving a night early due to flight schedules


We are arriving a night earlier than the rest of our party, we were thinking about staying out near the airport and then meeting our group the next AM. Now I am considering staying at one of the budget hotels and moving to SSR the next day when our room is available. Could we leave our belongings packed in the room and would Disney move them for us when our room is available while we are out playing?

Anyone had any experience with this?


The Kigers


Well, sort of… . :happy: On the transfer day, you pack up and call bell services who will quickly come and get your luggage. They can’t enter the room if you aren’t there. Once they pick it up (should be within about 10 minutes of your call–or you can pre-schedule a pick-up time), you go play and they’ll move your luggage to SSR bell services. Once you get to your room at SSR, you just give bell services a call and they’ll bring your luggage right up!

It’s a very efficient system and I highly recommend that you go ahead and stay at a Value resort your first night instead of staying by the airport.


Hmm…I’ve never transferred resorts before. I would think that they could do that. Call SSR, and ask them…they must know. Good luck!


We are doing this in June. I looked into staying near the airport, too, but we decided to stay at Pop for the first night. Although it’s a bit more expensive, by staying at Pop we’re able to take advantage of ME (rather than having to get a towncar in the morning if we stayed near the airport). Plus, this way we’ll be at Disney and ready to get started on the fun first thing in the morning!


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When you are switching resorts, you have your bags picked up by bell services before you leave for the day. My pick-up time was 8am. They will then tag it with the hotel you are going to and transfer them for you. Please be aware that you may not get your bags at the other resort until 4pm. I suggest taking a carry-on bag that has a bathing suit or change of clothes. You cna park it in a locker at the park of choice and just have it for when you go to the resort.


We do it all the time - no trouble at all. As said above - just be aware that you have to be in your room when bell services comes - so arrange an early morning pick-up.