We are back, terrific, stupendous, amazing, unbelieveable wonderfully , trip report


we are back it went sooo quick but it was the BEST TRIP we have ever had. we got in at 4:00 am. got to go pay some bills and get groceries, just had to stop in and say that disney is the best place to go for your anniversary. we had a amazing time. I will be back later with hopefully some pictures if i can figure out how to do it.:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:


Yay, another one is back to report to us. I am excited. Please hurry back :happy:


Congrats on having such a great trip. Can’t wait to hear about it.


Happy to hear that you had a great time!! When are you going back?


Oh soo glad to hear you had a wonderful time!! Can’t wait to hear all about it. :slight_smile:


Welcome back, i can’t wait to read about your trip.


Welcome back and we can’t wait for the TR and pictures


Welcome home! So glad you had the BEST trip!! Come back and tell us all about it.


WB Glad you had a great trip. Looking forward to hearing all about it.


OH YEAH, another TR. I like to hear that WDW is awsome for an anniversary.


Can’t wait to hear all about it!:happy:


woohoo cant wait to hear all about it .


Hooray, an anniversary TR!!! I can’t wait!


Hi everyone well the bills are paid {at least some }and got groceries. so here goes. this is the first report Ive done so bear with me.

I have to still down load picutres there are around 500 so I will post them separate.
cast is my darling DH age 55 going on 5 and me age 50ish.

we left on saturday around 12:;0 nooon we had planned on leaving alot earlier but due to some snags we got on the road a lot later.
we stopped in MD for a late breakfast and then headed out. fast forward as the trip was uneventfull. we stopped in Georgia for the night and got to WDW on Sunday around 1:00 pm.
we checked into the hotel All Star Music. alll I can say is wow. we were standing in line and one of the CM came over. He asked if we were celebrating anyspecial occation and when we said yes it was our 26 anniversary. he called over to someone else who turned out to be the manager. He came over and introduced himslef and asked our names and where we were from. while we talked to him the first CM came back with a red rose for me. the manager yelled for everyone attention and announced it was our anniversay and everyone standing around appauded and sang to us. he also gave us happy anniversary pins. it was the beginning of almost perfect week. [ more about the almost part later] we got ot our room and on the bed was a mickey head in towels I know Ive seen this before on other peoples pictures but I was so excited. we quickly got changed and headed to epcot. it was so cool everyone we met stopped us to say happy anniversary and ask how long we have been married where were we from. just nice.
well we had 4:10 adrs at Le Celliers. all i can say is everyone here was soo right aobut this place it was amazing[ caution I will be using that work alot]. the waiter was so sweet he explained all the dishes. DS got the duck comfit for his appetizer. I got the green salad with feta cheeze and pecans . i tried his duck It was so good and Im nota big fan of duck. My salad was very good not the best Ive had but good. I got the NY strip steak with roasted yukon gold potatoes and he got the prime rib. My steak was amazing. his prime rib he could cut with a fork. we also had wine with the meal but I forget the type all I know is it was canadian and very yummy. for dessart DH had the whiskey cake and i had the chocolate “moose” which was chocolate moose rolled in cooky crumbs and had maple ears. I know it is probably a kids dessert but it was so cute and very good. I ate aobut half and couldnt eat another bite. he finished the cake. i tasted it and it was great no wiskey taste at all. after dinner we waked around the countries, rode maelstorm twice [my favorite ride] and watched illiminations. after they were done we both were exhausted so we headed back to the hotel with plans for swimming. byt the time we got back it was raining a little so we jsut went to bed. I have to go download the pictures while my daughter is here to help. let me know if this is to much details. :laugh:


too much detail??? are you kidding? You should know us better than that.

What a great welcome you got. Interesting how some moments at the reception desks are magical and others leave so much to be desired.

Can’t wait to see your photos :smile:


I love ALL STAR MUSIC . . . they have given that place such an overhaul! The manager is just great! Can’t wait to hear more!! :happy:


You can never have too much detail! I’m so happy you had a great trip, I can’t wait to read more.


Aww, that’s such a sweet welcome! I hope ours is as magical. :smiley: I say the more detail, the better. It gets me that much more excited about my own trip!


Silly you. You can never put too many details in a WDW TR!!! You should know that by now . . . :laugh: :laugh:


great TR so far - looking forward to more before we go!! thanks!