We are back


We got back last night and I wil try to start our TR today or tomorrow. I have to work today and get laundry caught up. All the new things we tried were great, weather was great and there were alot of rude people. tell you more later gotta get the kids up for school.


Welcome back!! I cant wait to read you TR! How was Pal Mickey???


Welcome back. Very interested to hear all about it.


Welcome back!! I’m sure it was hard coming back but now you have the great pleasure of planning your next trip!! Looking forward to your trip report.


Welcome back, I can’t wait to hear about your trip.


Welcome back. Look forward to reading your TR too!


Did you enjoy your trip? I hope you did not spend it worrying and sad! I hope it was a magic that you needed to sustain you guys!


Hope you were able to forget your stress and enjoyed the trip. Looking forward to your tr.


DAY 1:
Sept the 5th after the kids get out of school and the car is packed we set out for our wonderful 8 day WDW vacation. Hanna however wanted to try to stop us. We decided that we would head out anyway and hope to miss it and if we hit the hard rain and wind we would pull over and get a hotel room.
We left Mt. Airy N.C. at 15 till 6:00. We got to Port Orleans Riverside at 4:00 am. We were told that the computers wouldn’t be up and running till 5:45 so we went to WAlmart and looked around for about an hour. The kids are wired at this time b/c we are at Disney. At 5:45 we check in. I had requested building 14 but I guess since we were there so early that we got building 39 which is a long way from everything. We didn’t mind after all we are at Disney.
We take a nap and at 10:00 am we are up and ready to use our free dining. Let me say that is alot of food. We were never hungrey.
Last year the haunted manison was down so we decide that was the first ride we wanted on so we headed out to MK and walked right on every ride with little or no wait. The kids wanted to ride BTM and I hate rollercoasters but this year I wanted to do it with the kids and the DH so I went on it and loved it, next DD age 8 wants to ride Splash Mountain it was everyones first time except DH and oldest DS, WE LOVED IT!!!
We left MK and went to our photo session at the Grand Floridian. The pictures turned out great but we were informed that the price has changed, you get the photo session and the park photos for $200.00. So Thats out for next year.
Then we ate at 1900 fare (we forgot our camera) the dinner was so good and the kids loved the characters.
We then went to the pool and let the kids swim for about an hour and then we turned in early.


I will do more later gotta go to work.


I am excited to hear more about your trip.
Glad you are home safe and sound!


Great start so far. Thanks for telling us the price changed on the photo session and park photos that definetly changes my mind for November!


Love that you decided to do rollercoaster for the family and loved it.Sounds like your family had a great first day.


I am really looking forward to hearing all about your trip!


sounds like you had a great time after you took your nap. I can’t wait to hear more.


Great start! I cant wait to hear more about the trip. Glad you missed the storm


Wow! Sounds like a really magical time so far . . . can’t wait to read more!


DAY 2:
We got up around 8:00 and had breakfast at the Main street bakery. Pancakes eggs and bacon.
We then sset out for Magic Kingdom again. Of course the first rides were the ones in Adventure Land and Frontier Land. I finally went to the tiki room that was a first and the Hall of Presidents also a first and probably last b/c it was boring. After Dinner resevations at LTT which was GREAT the food was wonderful and the charaters were also GREAT!!! I will write more once the kids get to school…


I love the food LTT. It’s awesome!


Are the kids at school yet? I need mre TR and some pics will be nice too :pinch: