We are booked again cm


we are booked for november 13 to the 20 i just paid half and will pay the other half on September 29th… we are at pofq… i booked narcooses dinner , ohanas for dinner and breakfast. cp for breakfast and via napoli for dinner along with liberty tree tavern for late lunch on the day we plan on doing the Christmas party 11/19/10. we have two more dinner to book but we cant decide… we wanted the new Mexican place in epcot but they aren’t taking reservation until october 15… although we have the dining plan we dont want to go to too many out of the parks as we are only there 7 nights. everyone please send pixie dust that nothing else happens to mess this up.


We like the Big River Grille next to the Boardwalk and even though it is outside the parks - we normally go there after DHS on our way to Epcot for Illuminations