We are booked for October


After a lot of talking and even more overtime and a little lucky suprise I got yesterday. My DW and I have decided to do a WDW vacation for oct. 24-oct31st with MNNSHP on that Tuesday(that is the plan). I booked a preferred room at he ASMOVIES resort this evening. now we have to start with dining reservations since we are well within the 90day window. I hope we can get at least some that we would love to go to. I am so thrilled over getting to go on vacation. I am on cloud nine over it. ten weeks out and counting now.
IF i can swing it and depending on everything else may try to stay halloween night at fort wilderness to just chill out before the drive back home. We are going to be celebrating a late 8th wedding anniversary while we are there also. We have not even told the girls yet that we have made the reservations for it. I am hoping to keep it a little secret from them up until right before the time.
Now all the fun stuff of planning can begin.

any and all suggestions are welcome and gratfully accepted for help on us planning it.
Thank you all.


Congratulations on booking the trip.

Not all of the restaurants will be booked but I’m sure the popular ones are. We booked a character breakfast at Cape May last minute. If you do it on an Epcot day you can just walk from the Beach Club to the back gate at Epcot, it’s not even a 10 minute walk.

The Plaza Restaurant at Magic Kingdom is a hidden gem. You may be able to snag an ADR for an off time there.

Whispering Canyon Cafe for a late breakfast is good after morning Extra Magic Hours at Magic Kingdom.

Trails End at FW is another option, I don’t think it books up.


I know that the meal booking is my wifes department. She sits down with a flow chart as to where we would like to go that day and then starts in on seeing what is available.
I know that cinderellas castle will be booked by now. We did it last time I think the girls will be ok with missing it this time. I know I want to get a morning time at he Crystal palace for one day. from there I am not sure.
Hey is there any restaurant that has excellent Maine lobster tails on property?


Narcoosees has a delicious whole lobster and a surf and turf…they are 2 credits…did you get the Free Dining? It sure makes our trip affordable.



It’s October, when the parks aren’t open late and most reservations are easy to come by 60 days out.
So far, I’ve only made one reservation, and that was for Le Cellier.
I have yet to actually plan anything else. I’m not too worried and you shouldn’t be either.
One hint though is to try to book your dinners closer to 9:30 if you can.
Restaurants are emptying out about this time, so it’ll be easier.
Don’t get caught up in trying to book dining so you can watch MK fireworks.
On the other hand, Fantasmic is only performed twice a week, so you need to plan around those days. That and the Halloween party.


does anyone know which two nights they will have Fantasmic? As far as eating time I am trying to stay on my normal meal time frame area of eating, since I am diabetic and I find it easier for me if I eat as close to a regular time as I can. How is Le cellier for younger kids? my girls are 8and 6.
Plans so far is to on Sat.24th to relax from the drive and perhaps take in a couple of hours at a park to catch the fireworks or downtown Disney, Sunday maybe Hollywood studios, Monday most likely MK, Tuesday MNNSHP, Wednesday Epcot.


Oh yeah and my DW really wants to do the Mickey Backyard BBQ.


zoo-man - do you realize you will be at WDW for the Wine and Food Festival at EPCOT? Dude, the options abound. Not only that - I’m gonna be there. You couldn’t have timed it better.


Le Cellier is terrific for teh kids. I always like to order them a steak when we go, it gives tehm a change form the usual kids menu, and a boost of Iron is good for them as well. Not to mention they LOVE Steak!!! The only problem may be getting that reservation since you are well past teh 90 day mark, however, we’ll keep our fingers crossed for you! Keep us updated!

Congrats on the trip!!!


Great! Have a Magical vacation! See you there!


Ok I have had some success on dining reservations after my DW said just plan it out however you want to she usually does it floored me she was turning it over to me to do, On our arrival day of the 24 we are going to do Mickey backyard BBQ, followed by breakfest res. at the Crystal Palace, dinner on Friday night at Akershus in Epcot, and then On Sat. morning before we leave is breafest at Ohanas. was unable to get into Le Cellier on the day we wanted. Still trying to figure out what other two table services we would like to have. May just leave one open not sure.
Also, I know that we are doing Epcot for two days, one was not enough last time let alone with the food and wine expo going on. Mk one full day and the MNNSHP. HS not sure as to which night the one night it is open late Fantasmic is not going on. so do it a day when it closes earlier or not. what is everyones opion on that?
Animal Kindom may do it Tuesday morning as we have done it couple of other times and my girls only care to do certain thing there. figured we could get what we wanted to do done between 9 adn 2 then head back to the resort and go to the MNNSHP.
I know one day the DW wants to go to the ocean also. so I figured we could go early and catch a park later in the day for a few hours also perhaps HS.

Oh so much planning I am happy but so little time to get it done in. 11 week until we leave and 7 weeks for me to get ready for my beloved Deer season to open.
I will post a complete plan of what and where when I finalize it…


I say avoid HS on EMH nights…it is crazy! Go during the day, then head out. For sure - lines are double, no fastpasses…yuck. I was traumatized by it last year and will avoid it in the future!


On Oct 26th (mon) & 29th (thur) HS stays open till 7:30. Aren’t the 7:30 nights the Fantasmic nights that time of year?


Yes it is I did not realize that when I started last week to plan I asked a cm on the phone last night and they told me Fantasmic was for the 26,29 and the 30th that week.
So it looks like I will most likely do HS on the 29th just because MK is open until midnight on Monday night either way one or the other those two days I think.
I am planning on avoiding Epcot on Sunday because I figured it might be really crowded being a weekend day with more locals going to the park than thru the week also.


[QUOTE=zoomaster;985087]Yes it is I did not realize that when I started last week to plan I asked a cm on the phone last night and they told me Fantasmic was for the 26,29 and the 30th that week.
So it looks like I will most likely do HS on the 29th just because MK is open until midnight on Monday night either way one or the other those two days I think.
I am planning on avoiding Epcot on Sunday because I figured it might be really crowded being a weekend day with more locals going to the park than thru the week also.[/QUOTE]

We chose Epcot on Sunday, only because ALL the parks seem to be crowded on weekends and with that being the largest to move around in it’s usually not that bad.
We arrive Fri afternoon and since MK & EP are our must-do’s we try to knock those out first “just in case”. You never know what the rest of the week will bring (03 trip 2nd DD ran a temp mid-week so we nixed several things). After those 2 we have a general plan to go by but we’re open for whatever whenever. But that’s what works for us.
Oh, btw Spectro is limited that time of year also so pick your MK day for that.


Thank you about Spectro I will have to check it out about that. right now I am just unwinding from a quick trip to Ft. Lee this Weekend we left Friday night after the Daycare closed and drove right at 800 miles one way and then did it again Sun. back with four kids and one boys Girlfriend in a van. awwww so glad to be home.
My brother in law is state side for six weeks right now from Germany, my wife and kids had not gotten to see him for the last three years because of deployment. He leave back in a couple of weeks and then after one week home with his family he leaves for his third deployment to Iraq. Second since being stationed in Germany he will spend more time in combat zone than Germany by the time it is done. He is on countdown to retirement he will have around five months left once he returns from his last combat deployment. We are all ready to see him done and done so he is out. I can never say enough about our men and women in the military and the hardships they and there familes deal with.


So sorry you had to make such a hard trip, but it was worth it.

I remember when we were stationed at Shaw, SC a hurricane came in late in 99. We were far enough inland to be given an “optional” evac. DD was born several months before so we thought “what a good reason to visit family” since we wouldn’t be charged leave. Stayed up and drove all night 14+ hours from SC to LA only to get a recall 2 hours after arriving. DH had to turn around and drive 13+ hours back for weather clean-up detail only to be sent back home 3 1/2 hours later. Not enough work to do.:mad: (His shirt was a jerk & did that on purpose)
The 5 years we were there DH was scheduled 10 tdy’s, 4 of those were overseas (in 5 years):ohmy:. Fortunately only 3 times in the 6 years here. Difference of Fighters vs Bombers. He knew what his purpose was when joining, same as I when we married. As for the kids not having that choice, we realized if the military wanted you to have a family they would’ve issued you one in Basic. So…we do what we have to, and unless DH can make Chief we’ll be civies in a year.

On subject, that time of year we enjoy morning EMH more than evening. Not sure if it’s because they seem to offer more mornings than eve, or maybe because it gets brrrrrr when the sun drops,lol.
But, if you want to see that special show that MK does out front about 30 min before opening I don’t think they do that on their EMH.
Unless you have a fav restaurant at Epcot, don’t book and just use your snack credits to eat around the world at F & W fest. Best way to get the best tastes of all the worlds.
We made a trip without telling the girls one year. They realized where we were going when they woke up right as we came to the WDW gate. Such a nice trip since never once did we here “are we there yet?” or “how much futher?”:laugh:
We extended our trip by 1 day so we could wake up on our anni b4 going home. Make sure to tell AS what you’re celebrateing and you may come back to your room with a special surprise. I still have my autographed pic of Mic & Min in wedding attire:biggrin:


Thank you. we are celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary for this trip. our youngest has Astma so we are unable to do Fl. in the summer right now because of it. Well the girls and my DW are not as much early morning people as I am but I have been working all types of shifts over 20plus years at the tire factory I can sleep just about anytime and be up just about any time. I tend to enjoy more nighttime EMH.
I have made only one res. at Epcot and that one I listed up above.
I did upgrade to a preferred room for our stay and requested a pool side 1st floor Fantasia room. To me with two young girls it is worth it to be closer to the main building.

ALL i know is that I neeeddddd a vacation from home and work. I want to go somewhere where I can have a week without house/yard work or building tires to unwind. We have been thru way to much between family and work cutbacks earlier this year that I am beyond stressed out. And now I found out I lost permission on my favorite hunting spot for deer season this year means I can not even go to my fav. escape spot a couple of hours I have to locate a new one.