We are booked! Mom and daughter trip!


Yes, we are booked for October 23-25. It is only for 2 nights but thats ok we still get our Disney fix and get to show her the F&WF for the first time.


Oh that will be just so nice, and the food and wine is such a great event, I hope you both have the best time.


I think we will. We have plans to get massages at SSR and have a great time in the parks with no little ones saying," I am tired,my feet hurt, can we go back to the resort". That will be nice.


That sounds so nice. It’s been a while since my daughter and I have done a girls weekend. I hope you and your daughter have a great time.


This will be our first time together,alone. After our may trip, it will be nice. Yeah, we are looking forward to a relaxing time.


And no mean old boyfriend ruining your trip! Enjoy!!! It will be so special for the two of you!


EXACTLY!!! He is gone and needs to stay gone!!


Enjoy your time! I had an amazing trip with my daughter last summer. It was a blast!


Wonderful!!! What a great time you’ll have :slight_smile:


enjoy hope you have a great time


Enjoy your time and wine and food is great. My wife and I are doing a two night trip in Dec just to see the Christmas decorations something we have never done before.