We are booked--our plans


Well, I finally did it—We are booked for our May trip!!!

I book POR for the end of May/first of June for Nathan’s 8th birthday. If we have too many snow days between now and then I will have to either push the trip back to the end of July or totally cancel it. Right now I have 9 nights booked but we may have to drop a night or two off the start of our trip if we use any snow days.

Here are our plans so far:
Day 1
Arrive No plans because we don’t know if we are going to fly or drive. If we drive we will get in pretty late.

Day 2 MK day
Dinner at ‘Ohana

Day 3 AK/MK day
Dinner at the Plaza restaurant

Day 4
Water park day/Downtown Disney
Dinner at Earl of Sandwich

Day 5 Epcot day
Lunch at Le Cellier

Day 6 MGM morning
Dinner at Liberty Tree Tavern

Day 7 (the big day!!)
Breakfast at Chef Mickey’s
Dinner at Hoop Dee Doo Review

Day 8 MGM day
Lunch at 50’s PrimeTime

Day 9
leave for home

We don’t have ANY new restaurants on the list; all of these are tried and true place that we like. I’m open to suggestions but Chef Mickey’s and HDD are pretty locked in since that’s Nathan’s birthday and two of his favorites.


Stephanie -
I love your plans. It’s going to be a magical trip! :heart:


I’m so glad you booked. I can’t wait until you get to go (which I know you will!)!! The plans look perfect. You’ve got all of my favorites in there. :slight_smile:


YAY! It’s gonna be great! I am SO glad you got it booked!!! Congrats! I will be sending pixie dust for NOT having those snow days so you can do your FULL 10 days in WDW!!!


woo-hoo!!! Those are great plans! Be sure to come visit meee :happy:
That is sure going to be a birthday to remember for Nathan! :smile:


It sound slike a great plan,Stephanie.


Looks great DT!

Have you ever gone to Sci-Fi for lunch or dinner?


I think it’s great that you booked, and left the drive/fly option open. If you wait until early April to make that decision you should know if you are done with snow days. Plus, it doesn’t look like the cost of flights (at least from here ) are going down any time soon!


We have been there a couple of time and have always liked it. It was a toss up between Sci Fi and 50’s PT. My deciding factor was that we have 3 in our group so someone would have to sit alone in the car and I thought the birthday interaction would be a bit better at Sci Fi. However, I could easily be talked into changing it.


That’s what I was thinking, I just don’t see us getting the $59 flights to MCO this summer. I don’t want to pay $800 to fly down, we really don’t mind the drive. If we don’t use any snow days we will have 2 full days off before we have to check in, that’s more than enough time.


I would love to come visit you! I’ll have to find out exactly where you will be each day so I can come by and say hi.


Thanks everyone! Keep your fingers crossed that we don’t use any snow days and this trip really happens. The CM last night (Darius) was great, he put Nathan’s birthday EVERYWHERE. He put it down for every ADR I made and listed it like 3 times on our room reservation, I can’t wait for Nathan to celebrate his birthday for a week at WDW.


Steph your plans sound great Nathan is going to have a wonderful birthday trip


Thanks, Cheryl. I just hope we actually pull this off. If we have to use more than 3 snow days I’m in trouble. That takes us to the following Tuesday for our last day of school and that’s too late since my DH has to be back the following Monday to start his summer classes. I still don’t feel like this trip is real and I won’t until May actually gets here.


I thought that you guys weren’t planning on going back this year?
I guess I missed that one!
Your plans looks lovely though, a great way to spend a b-day!


Thanks, Bella. We weren’t sure about going back this year. We were thinking about something different but decided that WDW would be a perfect fit for a birthday trip since we get out of school beofre my DS’s birthday for once.


Don’t forget the camera! Can’t wait to see how different Nathan looks between your two trips.


Exactly what she said :c)



No worries there, I am ready to start packing today!

My DH is not into all of this planning. He enjoys our trips but I am sure he wouldn’t ask to go every single year. When I started talking about this trip he was ok with it but not really excited. Last night I went over all our plans and he said “Sounds good, book it.” Today he walked up to me and asked if Disney will do anything special for Nate’s birthday. I said oh, yeah! I told him about the birthday buttons and cupcake at Chef Mickey’s (and maybe other places). He looked at me and said “Then we HAVE to go–it will never mean as much to him as it does right now.” Now he is excited about our trip-finally.


Thanks, Erin and Dana–I hope it’s our best trip yet. So far it’s just our little family, no friends or parents. We haven’t been on vacation alone since we got married, we always go with someone.