We are booked!


I called and used my 20/30/40% pin code to book our June 21-29 2010 trip! I had some issues at first. I called to use the pin and the CM told me that POR was booked for that timeframe-“umm…okay…” The she pulls up her calendar and those dates are blacked out. “What!!!” “But, my email says most dates 4-11 to 7-1 and then 7-5 through 10-7”. “Well I have my calendar pulled up and this is what it says.” I booked and then called back and got a very nice lady and she saved me almost $600!!:happy: Nothing changed just the CM!


You know that has happened to me also. I swear that they are looking at different systems. Truly, I tell everyone booking, if you can’t get what you want, call back in 15 minutes, speak to someone else, and many times what you want is available. Just today, I got an e-mail from Disney Destinations addressing my Mom’s name, rather than mine, and we have two different last names! I have no clue how her name is linked to my work e-mail address. There just isn’t any trust in their computer system, which is a shame, because they get everything else right, just not their computers!


Your mom’s name got linked to your work email probably because she’s been on the same reservation as you in the past. My mom and I are always on the same reservation together and Disney has both of our emails so either one of us could get an email from with a pin code but have the other’s name on it. You could still use the pin code provided your mother was named somewhere on the reservation, even if she wasn’t the lead person on it.


I finally got a pin after 3 years of trying and it was in my mother-in-laws name…poop