We are booked!


I am soooooo excited!! We rented points again this year and got our first choice!!! 10 nights AKLV Kidani Village Savannah View!!! I have always wanted to stay there!! Thanks to a fellow MB’er (who makes the renting process sooooo nice and easy-they know who they are!!) my wish came true!!!


You are going to LOVE Kidani! We do! Congrats on booking your trip!


well yay!!! :laugh: congrats and hope you have fun!


You would think that since we talk about Disney at least 3 times a day that one day we would plan a trip together…maybe next time! Love You BFF


One of these days we will get there together!! In the mean time we have a great time planning our trips, and helping each other make plans!! Love you-you are the best!!


Congrats! It’s a great resort!


Congrats! Seems like that resort is getting more and more popular.


That is awesome!! Let the countdown begin!!!


Now you can babble at work for the next 6 months and not accomplish a thing. Welcome to the club.