We are booked


well im doing a happy dance… i just booked our trip with mouseketrips. deposit done … now i just have to make payments until September… 16th to the 24th…


how much we talking from now to september


Congratulations on booking your trip. Where are you staying?


port orleans riverside… dh loves it there. we are doing six days in wdw and then two in universal this time for harry potter. of course that is subject to change depending upon the reviews after it opens… id rather do more in wdw… maybe one day for universal…


Sounds great. We stayed at POR a couple of years ago, it’s a beautiful resort and felt very peaceful–even at Christmas when I know it was full. Have fun planning.


Congrats on your trip! Lets us know what you think about the Harry Potter section.


Oh congrats! I am just waiting for Keith at Mousektrips to see what deals he can get for us too-Mousektrips is great isn’t it??


first time but i spoke with someone else on the phone answered all of my question.s very nice.


Oh I see, well we have used them a few times now and have always had an excellent experience with them, especially considering we are international clients too-I think you’ll be pleased.


Maybe it was Scott?

No matter who it was, I am happy for you. Now on to planning the trip.