We are booked


Ok, we have officially booked for Oct.23-30 for a stay at POP in a preferred room, with meal plan…I received a pin for 35percent off the room so I sprung on it. We can make or adr startinn April 16. We have annual passes to right now, but to use the pin and receive the meal plan I had to purchase one day tickets for the package. the cm told me that when the ap passes come out they will be a better percent off and I could convert than I hope she is right because according to what she said we will be able to stay an extra two nights with the savings. So we I will have 7 or 9 table credits to plan for I can always use help on that matter, the cast for the trip is Me, DW, two daughters 8 and 10. So I am looking for the best bang for the buck.
I know that we want to do these at least
Chef Mickey
Dinner at the CP.
and most likely Ohanas
the other 4 not sure about.


exciting!! We were there last year at that time and had wonderful weather! Have fun!!


Congrats on the booked trip! Its a great time of the year to visit! Will you be attending MNSSHP? The dates you will be here are some of the most popular party nights, so you might want to purchase tickets when they are released in April.


Jen Yes we are planning to attend again this year. I have not been able to find the dates yet for it though. We do usually try to go in the middle of the week as it is suppose to be less crowded. I will buy them pretty early again this year. We are just trying to figure out which restuarants to reserve in right now also. Although if gas keeps going up and up it might cause us to have to cancel the trip. And vacations I take serious because that is my decompression time from wwork.