We are finally booked!


We finally made our final decision about where to stay.We have selected World Dolphin.It seems very nice,has Disney transportation,in walking distance of boardwalk villas and lots of other stuff. I can’t wait to stay there. OK, so its not a Disney hotel,but close enough and an upgrade of the All Star Sports. Still, Canada is not available for dinner, but France was and that was ok too. Now I am counting down my trip with great anticipation and excitment.Only about 55 or so more days. How awsome!!!


Congrats mousemom! I have only read good things about the Dolphin–I hope you have a magical trip :mickey: Now get that countdown going, lol!


Congrats! I’ve walked around in that hotel and it was very, VERY nice! :wub:


Congrats on booking your trip! The next 55 days are going to go by so fast, you’ll be there before you know it.


Congrats on booking your trip. I look forward to hearing about your stay at the Dolphin. I haven’t ever read a bad review on it, so I assume it’s going to be a nice resort. 55 days is going to go by before you know it.



I can’t wait to hear how your report on the Dolphin ~ the Dolphin and the Swan have always held some mystery…I’ve never known anyone to stay there!


I have never heard much about it either,I can’t wait to report back to all of you about the resort. Hope it is all I hear and much much more.