We are getting our NEW Disney Store @ MOA! - confirmed!


Chatted with the manager last week and they plan to have it ready in early October. They are moving down a level and to a new wing.

Bad news is that she does not anticipate having very much “adult” merchandise because it does not sell well. She actually said “people like you will buy it but others wait for it to be clearanced and we still can’t get rid of it”!
Should I have been offended? :laugh:

I am so excited!!! Hope Jen reads this! We will have to meet up there for a toast!


Wow, how exciting! Our Disney store is very dull :frowning: not very exciting at all. I often go in for a Disney fix, but there’s absolutely NO atmosphere at all-your’s sound like a lot of fun!


Haha, people like you.:laugh:

Don’t feel badly though, I would suspect most of us on MB are “people like you.” You are in good company.:happy:


Even the Times Square store and the Michigan Ave stores which are the two highest grossing Disney Stores don’t carry that much adult stuff, just a few t-shirts and a few sweatshirts/hoodies.

They both do have a good selection of store specific shirts and sweatshirts for adults with Chicago or NYC themes on them.



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Mall Of America?


I should have known that…sorry.


I wish that we were getting a Disney Store. Ours closed and the space was filled by the expansion of Victoria’s Secret.:blink: Guess we can’t complain that there isn’t enough adult stuff,huh?:laugh:


WOO-HOO Zoey!!! I would love to meet up with you when they open the new store! I am SO excited (And hopeful they will change their minds on the adult merchandise, seeing as I am one of those people, too :))