We are going in April 2010! Quick question?


:whistlingWaiting to be able to book, but does anyone know how long The Space Center takes? We plan on doing universal 2 days(Friday /sat), drive to Kennedy Space center(sunday) and then back to disney for the rest of the week.


In my opinion, more than a day there would be pushing it (although it will be a full day) If you are going to tour the facility, that takes a while and the tours are on a scedule. I think you would be fine scheduling one day.


I agree…it’s worth it to go to NASA and check it out, but I wouldn’t budget more than a day of your vacation for it. You should be able to see all you want to see there in one day.


We are also going to the space center on our one non=-disney day this trip. Check out there website for details, at least 4 hours is required, more if you are still interested after that…I understand it is about 1 1/2 hours from WDW? Tickets are reasonable (read, much cheaper than Universal!!)


We did it in a single day, and that was plenty.


My family went about 15 years ago, and I remember it was well worth the trip. We only took one day and that seemed like enough time.


OK, I would disagree some. Even though I am a “geek”, I feel it is a wonderful place to experience. I would plan a full day there at least. That is, arrive the night before, get there early the next day and plan on staying all day. It is really neat but sort of like touring AK. You need to take your time, meander around and soak it all in.