WE are going to Disney World


WE were going in October, and still are, but after this long cold winter and I got an unexpected bonus in work, we decided we are going in March 5 to 11. We decided we needed a mouse fix can not wait to get there.:mickey::cheshire:


A big congrats!


Jealous! It’s definitely been a crazy winter for most of the country and a little trip to the World would help take us into spring! Have a great trip!


oh how lucky are you? two trips to the World-sooo jealous too- enjoy


Take me, take me, take me toooooooo! We only get to go but every two years, if that and I get so jealous of all of you that can go down more than once a year.

We are hopefully moving South in about 4-5 years. Just waiting for DS to finish HS. Can’t take him away from everything and everyone he knows.

You better start planning and quickly!!!


We aren’t going to plan for this one just gone go with the flow on this trip and will save the planning for the Oct trip.


Oh wow! That’s fantastic! We’ve got Disney fever at our house in a bad way and no real trips planned right now. I hope you and your family have a wonderful trip!


YAY!! I hear ya…we live in MA and this winter has been a doozy!
We’ll be there then too :happy:
Have a great time~