We are here!


Closed on the house, enrolled to children in school on thursday, bought tickets to Disneyworld on Friday morning, decided the kids can start school on Monday, went to Epcot, helped Kim Possible, went to Japan, unloaded the truck, just got the cable and internet hooked up…And now I am taking a little me time. By the way, we can see the fireworks from my front porch!!


WOW ! But does that mean you can also hear the noise?


in the morning, when I walk the dog, you can hear the train whistle. You can hear the firworks at night, but they are not too loud inside. It sounds like thunder in the distance. I get to celebrate every day!


Wow you are so lucky sounds great so far, hope the kids like their new school


Don’t rub it in or anything… really.

(Just kidding- I am secretly very envious). What a treat, and you are one of the few homes in the world that gets to see nightly fireworks… ENJOY!!! What a cool thing for your kids to tell their friends one day…


Congrats…you are living my life:laugh:


Lucky you!! Enjoy your new home-close to WDW!!


I can’t even imagine! What wonderful childhood memories your children will have! I hope it never loses it’s magic for you!


congrats enjoy


congrats happy to hear that it has all been going smooth for you.


When you get settled, can you take pictures from your front porch? We all are living vicariously through you. Enjoy the whistle-that would make me happy every day…


Holy moly, I’m getting an anxiety attack just reading all you’ve had to get done in the last week! I hope this has been a relaxing trip!!


How amazing!!! Can I ask where you moved? We plan to relocate down to Florida in the next 2 years and I’m trying to think of where we would live. I’m thinking Windermere.