We are in WDW!


We checked-in to the Caribbean Beach on Mon. but decided to try to get into the PC. We were able to do that with no problem and we spent the night at the CB and are now at a great room in the 70’s bldg at the PC. Last night we went to AK for a couple hours then ate at Boma and then my Daughter and I went to the MK for about 2.5 hours. Today after checking-in to the PC, we went to Epcot and got a fast pass for Soarin, went on JTIWF, then Nemo, then Test Track, then SE. I liked SE. I wasn’t sure what would happen but it was great. The animation on the decent was alot of fun. If they would just plus the decent it would be very nice. I am using the internet from the room here which is very nice and will be trying to upload some pics and video later so check back to this thread and I will update it as soon as I can. The weather so far has been awesome! We are going to the MVMCP tonight and I am going to tape Wishes and the goings on at the party, but first we are headed back to Epcot for our Soarin fast-pass and a couple more things. See-ya


ohhh… so jealous! Hope that you are having fun… Send us pics-PLEASE!!! Hope the weather remains great there, and that you have as much fun as you sound like you are having.

Hope the crowds are not too bad!!!


[QUOTE=hanwill;1007716]ohhh… so jealous! Hope that you are having fun… Send us pics-PLEASE!!! Hope the weather remains great there, and that you have as much fun as you sound like you are having.

Hope the crowds are not too bad!!![/QUOTE]

Thanks for the wish, I will definitely post pics and I will have a link to my ustream video account so you can see video from today. So now were off to Epcot!:laugh:


sounds like your having a wonderful time. Can’t wait to see pics


Which island were you in the one night you were at CB? DW and I were in Aruba Dec. 1 through Dec. 7.


We were in Barbados.


Here are a few photos:


Here are some more photos:


Well I will get more pics tomorrow and try to get the video going also.


Sounds like you’re having fun! Can’t wait for more pics!


How nice it would be to be at Disney and not near this snow and rain


We are on our way to see the Osbourne Lights and go to Whispering Canyon for dinner. I will get more pics out when we get back.


Can’t wait to hear about Whispering Canyon, we’re going there in May


Glad to hear you all are having fun. We just got back from POP a few weeks ago and I am ready to get back to WDW.


I hope you have a great time! I just got back Monday from an 8 night stay, and I miss it already. Whispering Canyon is great; I stayed at WL and ate there twice.:happy:


Sounds like fun! I can’t wait to see your pix and read more.


Yesterday we went to Blizzard Beach which was fun but alot of climbing. The ski lift was alot of fun. We then took a break and wanted to see the Osbourne Lights which were excellent especially the light show that they do. I hadn’t seen the light show in 2005, I don’t know if they did it then. We rode Star Tours and went to our dinner at Whispering Canyon which was alot of fun and the food was very good. We got the all you can eat skillets. We got to see the ketchup passing which was fun and my daughter enjoyed the horse race. Today we are off to CRT and the MK then a stop back to AK to hopefully get good seats for Nemo and ride EE. Here some more pics from yesterday. I going to be taking alot more pics now that we will be in the parks for more serious amounts of time.


Here is one more from WC.


Wednesday was the best day yet starting off with CRT. The food was good but what was nice was the framed photo was included in the meal price, my Daughter was given a very nice star wand with Cinderella’s Royal Table printed on it and there was a very fun wish ceremony that we haven’t seen before. It rained a little in the morning but was very nice the rest of the day. My Daughter wanted to ride Peter Pan first but it was a 45 min wait. The CM heard us discussing what to do and gave us 3 fast passes good in a 1/2 hour. That was wonderful. We went directly on IASW which I really enjoyed without trying to do any photography. We then rode PP and then Philharmagic, Haunted Mansion, HOP, BTM, Splash Mt., the treehouse, had a Dole Whip, saw a little of the castle show, and left to go to AK. At AK we rode Dinosaur, then the spinning roller coaster in Dino Land, got great seats for Nemo and finished by riding EE which again I really enjoyed this time much better than the other times I have ridden it. I believe there was some movement in the Yeti. Later on we went to DD and my Daughter built her own light sabre at Once Upon a Toy which is very nice. Today we are headed to Chef Mickey’s for breakfast then to Epcot. We will then take the Monorail over to MK to eat at Columbia Harbor House then I am heading back to Epcot on my own. Here are some pics.


More pics: