We are just a few days away from making ADR's


and I am wondering about two of them. I know Ohana’s and more than likely Boma will be two of them but one more is up in the air. I am trying to decide CP at MK for dinner or 1900 Park Fair for dinner. I have been to CP for breakfast and love it ,but never for dinner. I have never been to 1900 Park fair for dinner either. They are about the same price. Can someone who has been to both tell me which one they prefer? I know the character interaction is probably a bit better at GF than CP ( well, entertainment wise). Which one has the better food/


I haven’t been to either, but i would choose 1900 - the characters seem more our speed (no one in our family is a huge pooh fan though) and the menu looks divine! good luck choosing - and i hope you get all the adr’s you want, when you want them!! :slight_smile:


I have been to CP a few times, and we all loved it. I have always wanted to try 1900 PF! If the food looks interesting to you, I would try 1900, as you have already done CP.


I would definitely try 1900 over Crystal Palace. We ate there a few years ago, and it was pretty good. Even if you haven’t had dinner at either place, I always like to try new restaurants just so I can see what they look like. Since you’ve been to CP, I would try 1900. Let us know what you decide!


There is a website that posts info about restaurants including reviews and menus. Go to Deb’s Unofficial Walt Disney World Vacation Information Guide - WDW Planning Guide - Walt Disney World under the rate and review section. This has helped me tremendously when trying to decide where to dine. The best part is the scores that are given to the different places. Hope this helps.


I would definitely pick CP because it’s not loike you will be experiencing a relaxing break from the crowds by going to CM. You may as well stay @ MK. The food there is also very tasty.


I’ve never been to either for dinner, but I have been to both at breakfast. I would choose based on which characters my kids were into at the time of the trip – when they were smaller, they were Pooh crazy, so CP would have been my choice – a year or two later, they would have enjoyed 1900 more.


Definitely dinner at CP.
As for 1900, haven’t been, I’m put off by the characters they have at night though I usually do breakfast there once each visit.