We are staying at the Villas at Disney's Grand Californian


This is a last minute trip to DL…it’s our first time. I just called and got a studio at VGC for the last week in January. I am so happy…I didn’t think there would be rooms. Now the planning really begins. I usually plan months ahead of time and now I only have 25 days.


Wow, that’s AWESOME!!! From photos I’ve seen those villas are GORGEOUS & since it’s a fairly slow crowds time you’ll have a carefree trip! I was there last January and it was kinda gloomy & chilly, but nowhere near as chilly as home. :laugh: ENJOY!!! Take lots of pics, we all want to see what’s going on in DCA!


I can’t wait to read your report! I want stay there someday.





Will do! BTW,I like your icon…is it a Mad Men one?