We are the newest DVC members!


Just got the phone call confirming that our DVC contract is proceeding into closing. I am excited and nervous all in one. I am always anxious anytime we make a large purchase. In any case, we now own a small piece of Bay Lake Tower.


CONGRATULATIONS!!! We hope to be the next ones, looking at buying in Jan/Feb. Welcome Home!


You may want to talk with them when you are down there and join now. We got incentives to buy now. I am not sure how long they are in effect. We got $10 off per point and back dated points equal to the amount of points we were buying. The backdated points are effective immediately and good through April 2013 and the other points become effective in April. These incentives were for Bay Lake Tower. BLT, Animal Kingdom Villas and Saratoga Springs are the ones available for purchase.


Congratulations how wonderful for you.


Yay !!! welcome home neighbor. :happy:

I would have thought we would be the last one to buy (we are value resort people alllll the way), but we are very happy we bought a few yrs ago.


Congratulations! Maybe we’ll see you around the resort.


Congratulations and welcome home.


Welcome Home, neighbor! Congratulations!


Your guide won’t tell you, but all of the resorts are for sale. They have points (through foreclosures and their right of first refusal) at all of the DVC resorts. I was recently offered $99 per point at Villas at Wilderness Lodge directly through DVC.


COngrat’s and Welcome home!


Congrat’s Neighbor You will love it


Congrats to you :flowers:


Congrats and Welcome Home.


We asked specifically about WLV and were told they were sold out. That irritates me. We may have chosen BLT anyway, but I would have liked all the choices.


Technically, they are sold out. But they will still sell you points because they
get them easily through right of first refusal and foreclosures. I also
purchased beach club through DVC even though it is a “sold out” resort. But you will enjoy your BLT points! Just keep the sold out resorts in mind
If you ever want to add on points.


When my guide realized I am REALLY interested in OKW as well as BLT and SSR he told me about the waiting list for “sold out” resorts. We are still undecided on which we are buying it will all depend on incentives when we are ready.


BLT was a wise decision. We chose that because of several factors. With it being a smaller resort, the chances of getting what you want at 7 months are slimmer than say Animal Kingdom Villas. Second, location, location, location. We figured, if we ever ran into financial difficulties, it would be easiest to sell because of the location. And, third, lowest maintenance fees. I think you made a good choice. ENJOY!!!