We are using WEGOSHOP, which store should I request for the shopping?


With traveling with DS and family, we are using wegoshop. DDIL likes to get organic juice and milk for DGS. I’m mostly looking for good prices. Which store should I request that they shop? I don’t know the stores in that area at all.

I did ask this question about 8 months ago, but can’t find the thread again. At that time, my DD just stop at a store on the way down. No car this time.


Publix is usually good, and prices are competitive with other stores… Or there is Walmart too.


Jo - tell Amy best price and she will search for the best value through the ads for you prior to shopping. Tell her Dana from NJ says HI!


Thanks. I like best price.


Along these same lines, is there a company that delivers to your door inside the DVC resorts? Or do they just deliver to the bell services? I’m in planning mode, can you tell?


I know wegoshop told me they only deliver to the lobby.

This is from garden grocer site…
Are my groceries delivered directly to my hotel room?

[I]If available, we can deliver your groceries directly to your room if you will be in the room during the two (2) hour delivery window. Call us with your room number and our driver will do their best to coordinate delivery directly to your room.

Please Note:
Any deliveries to a Disney Resort will be placed in bell services according to Disney policy. Once you arrive contact bell services and Disney staff will take your groceries to your room.[/I]

I believe a few yrs ago, they could deliver right to the room. I was disappointed with this change. It adds another laying of tipping, which is probably why disney made the rule. But I don’t know of any other choice.