We Booked With Air Tran


Our October dates finally came up and we are all booked - us and the kids!

We were able to use our A+ rewards that we got from our Wendy’s cups. So as we have it figured we spent a total of $145.00 for two roundtrip tickets from Fort Wayne, IN to Orlando. The kids were able to get $79.00 each way for the three of them. This trip has been a challange to put together but we are finally getting there! Now all we need is October dates and MNSSHP tickets from Disney and I can start the daily planning! :mickey:


Congratulations, that’s a great price! Everything will start come together now.


You will love MNSSHP!! It is so cute and so much fun!

Have fun planning!


Great deal on the airfare! Enjoy your trip planning!


Congrats on the airfare. Was the whole month of october open?


My sister used that air line and it worked out great. The plane was full so she was glad she got to the airport way ahead of time to make sure she had a seat. Congratulations. The air fare was a good price. Have a GREAT time at Disney.


Yes it is! :mickey:


Is air-tran one of the participating airlines for the ME?
My mother-in-law found awesome prices for them too, but we really want to take advantage of ME.