We Can Stay Longer - Woo Hoo!


Just found out from DW that she was able to get a few more days at the end of her time off this Christmas, so now we can stat at WDW til Jan 5 instead of Jan. 3. She has to be back at work Jan. 7, but needs a “cushion day” after we get back. DD and I will go down Christmas Day afternoon, then DW will come with her brother’s family Dec. 28.

I’m going to add days onto our stay at Pop Century for now, but may try to arrange renting a DVC villa at Beach Club, OKW or maybe the Villas at Wilderness Lodge. There will ultimately be six of us on thr trip (two families). Keith at Mousketrips will try to guide me through the search… Has anyone here ever bought DVC points before? Looking at the prices, it doesn’t seem all that much more expesnsive than staying at a Value Resort during the Christmas season…


It is not likely that any villas are open for the week between Christmas and new Years. I have rented before and love it. I am staying at Old Key West this November and we booked that in May. Christmas is the busiest week of the year. The prices to rent are def. a very good value.



Yeah , I knew it would be a longshot. Actually, last spring I tried to find points to rent for this upcoming trip and then figured what the heck - just stay at Pop Century and be done with it. I’ll probably still keeping trying, though - you never know…

BTW: Do you buy points or are you a DVC member? If you buy them, do you have link to a good listing site? I trashed the old one I had and can’t remember where it is (DIS, maybe?)

Anyway, thanks!


Visit mouseowners.com it is much friendlier than the other site I have visited before. Goodluck!!!


And have a great time on your November trip! We can’t wait til our trip!! You can never have too much Disney, ya know!


Love the location of BCV, but we stayed in a one bedroom at OKW and
I really liked it. It was much more like a condo than a hotel suite.


Oh that’s great news. :happy: I hope you get the accomodation you want.


Thanks - we stayed at OKW waaay back in the day when it was just called Vacation Club. We liked it…

Our fave area is the epcot resorts area, though. Our fave ever was Yacht Club (the year it opened) and the other time we visited at Christmas we stayed at the Dolphin. We used my teacher discount and had first-cloor rooms with view of the lake. But they aren’t doing teacher discounts at Christmas this year.