We changed our dates


I was online yesturday and noticed that TSM was closed for the week we had booked in August… Needless to say I was REALLY bummed by that!! One of the main highlights of our stay is to take him on TSM, it is just amazing watching him light up and talk a mile a minute!!

So we had talked last night about moving our dates but the whole Free Dining was really hard to pass up… So when I got up this morning, and saw how it had been extended, I was like Yeah!!!

So after a quick family consult…we changed our trip to December 12-18 and are going to be staying at Wilderness Lodge… We bought tickets to the MVMCP as an added bonus!! Since we’re heading down during the Christmas season we figured why not book at what we keep hearing a beautifully holiday decorated resort, do the party and see the Osborne Family Lights… Do the Holidays Around The World…

So we are really happy with our change!! Weather will be cooler which while we may not swim, it will be comfortable at the parks…

Now my question to you all is… Both my mom and my son have mobility issues… So if I were to ask for a room close by what would you all suggest???



You will absolutely enjoy the WL, especially for the holidays. We have never had a bad room location.
The rooms on the main floor (pool/ground level) get a little loud close to the restaurants and laundry. Otherwise we like the rooms on this level on either side (pool/woods view) as the patio is biggger than the balcony on floors 2-7. Also the rooms near the ends of the wings can be a long walk. Ask for a room a few doors down from the elevators if you are not on ground level.


That is terrific. You won’t be dissapointed! The weather is much more managable in my opinion for December! MVMCP, what an added bonus! I would have rescheduled too for Toy Story Mania! So excited for you!


WHen is TSM closed??


I believe it is the 16th to the 29th of August. We extended our stay 1 day so that we could do TSM on the 29th when it opens back up. It was first released that it would be closed until after Labor Day. I am hoping for the 29th, I can’t move the trip back any further.


I saw the 16th until the 27th. We are really bummed about it, but we will have the 14 and 15th to squeeze in as many rides as possible!!!:laugh:


Oh good we are going from the 23-31 of july!! Well still be able to ride!!