We finally got to tell her


So we hit the 30 day mark , so we made our own little Disney adventure.

  1. My husband drew a map of our yard
  2. I printed out a picture of Mickey Mouse near Cinderellas castle and then cut it into puzzle pieces
  3. we hid 5 envelopes with the pieces inside (including 1 buried in the sandbox with an X marking the spot:pirate: )
    We videotaped the whole adventure. At the end after figuring out where she was going, she looks at us and asks can you hide them again I want to do another treasure hunt:biggrin:. We are def looking for paintbrushes at tom sawyer.

So now we are gearing up and counting down on the calendar , come on VACATION

Side note dumb neighbors decided to have an all out scream fest at each other during our hunt. Im gonna be really angry if their cursing ends up on our video.


Oh what a fun way to tell her, to bad about the neighbours. I hope you all have a great time.


What a great way to tell your little girl she’s going to Disney World! Sounds like hunting for paintbrushes will be right up her alley!


She will like hunting for hidden mickeys when she gets older too- my kids love it!!!


That’s so awesome! What a special way to find out!


This is so creative! I’ll bet she’s going to remember this forever!


What a great way to surprise her! I hope your neighbor’s squabble didn’t make it onto the video. What a great memory for your family!:smile:


Oh that’s so sweet- what a great way to find out.


Great idea! The “Easter Bunny” did a treasure hunt when DD was 5. Now she’s 10 and is requesting that the Easter Bunny do another treasure hunt for her basket!