We Finally Made It!


HI EVERYBODY!!!, WE FINALLY MADE IT!!! We Are now new DVC members, Disney waived their ROFR, after five attempts I have finally managed to get a contract thru DISNEY, we have bought 150 points at SSR. We are now officially DVC members!

I want to thank you all for your help and ecouragement, it is much appreciated.

Best regards,



Welcome Home and Congrats neighbor!!


Wow, congratulations, how exciting for you. When is your first trip as DVC members planned?


Congrats! You’re going to love SSR! Just wait til you hear your first “welcome home”!!!


Congratulations and welcome home!!


CONGRATULATIONS!!! Disney has many satisified DVC homeowners… glad you are now one of them… enjoy!


Congrats and welcome to DVC!


Well, there goes the nieghborhood.

j/k Welcome and enjoy.


Congrats!! That is great news!


Welcome home, neighbor!!


Thank you neighbours!! it suuuurrrrre is nice to be home!!. If all goes well our next trip will be Disneyland in Paris, hopefully next May.

Your warn wishes are appreciated!



Congratulations and WELCOME HOME!


Congratulations and Welcome Home.


That sounds wonderful! Hope you share your planning and trip experiences here on MB! We don’t get to hear too much about DLP and I for one would love to see a trip report from there! Congrats, again!


Thanks Heather, I am so anxious that I called Member services to enquire how many points we need per night to stay either at the Newport Bay Club or Sequoia Lodge in May (around May 22, our anniversary date). Unfortunately, they could not disclose any info to us as we are not yet recorded with Disney. I will have to wait till next month to get that info.

I definitely will share our experience and pictures with the group, you are right, we don’t have that much info about the other locations.