We get to keep our booking!


As mentioned in another post, we bookede ASMovies kind of spur of the moment last Saturday. I knew that the chances of me actually getting time off were slim, but was so excited that we did it anyway. Well after much anticipation I have worked out my schedule issues and all is approved for me to be off. :happy: I was able to switch 3 days to the previous week and take an additional 2 days as holidays. I am very thankful to my co-workers since it kind makes their schedule not so nice. DBF also got his holidays switched, (he had originally booked to be off 2 weeks prior just to use to use up his holidays). He has paid vacation, but I don’t.
Any-hoo, I just wanted to share since I am so excited that step two is finalized, (step one is the booking part). Now onto planning… I have already tried to book ADR’s, but not much success with what we would have liked.


Awesome! I am glad it worked out for you. Keep checking back on those ADR’s. I am certain something will open up. Let us know how your planning goes.


That’s great news! I am happy for you. What a great feeling it is to know that you have a trip coming up. My trip is still too far away for my liking.:crying: :crying:


Great that it all worked out for you!


It’s nice when a plan falls together.


CONGRATS!! YIPPEE!!! Sorry to hear that you are having a hard time with ADRs…:glare: what are you trying to get?


That’s great news! We kind of did the samething! What ADRs are you trying to get? Maybe we can help or make suggestions :mickey:


Great news! Keep calling on those ADR’s. Ressies change all the time, call every day.


GREAT NEWS! I agree with the others, KEEP TRYING the ADRs you want! Cancellations are made every day. If it were me, I’d program Disney Dining into my cell phone and call 10 times a day. :laugh: :laugh: Hey, ya never know!


That is such great news. God Bless your co-workers too. So happy for you!I would call every hour on the hour for your adr’s!


Hooray, that is great! :happy: I hope you can snag some ADR cancellations before you go, so you end up with more of the ones you wanted. Either way, just getting to go is great news! :biggrin:


Great news!
Good luck with the ADRs.


I am so excited for you!!


Thanks for the encouragement guys. There are couple of ADR’s that we are unable to get but I will post that in the correct spot so I don’t end up highjacking my own thread. Thanks again guys!


Awesome for you!

Now I am off to read about your ADR’s!



Great news- and dont give up on those ADR’s people cancel all the time you may get lucky.