We get to stay at a moderate!


Everyyear, I take a group of high schoolers to WDW for the YES program. Until today, we were going to stay at Pop Century and fly Southwest. Our plane tickets through Group Sales were going to be $264.60 a person from Nashville. Because of the sale at Southwest, I rebooked the tickets today on the internet. $116 a person! We saved over $4000 for our group of 34. More than enough to move to a moderate with 12 rooms instead of 11 at Pop Century!

This is going to be the best group trip yet! :tongue:

Now I just have to finalize my personal ADRs.


Way to go!!! I love the mods! Have a wonderful trip!


AWESOME! Southwest let you rebook with no penalties? So which moderate?


The group deposit was refundable until April 10th. We are going to try for Port Orleans Riverside. I have never stayed there, but everyone says it is great!


That’s great news!! Have a great time.


AWESOME! Port Orleans would be EXCELLENT, you’ll love it there! I think Coronado Springs for a group would be great too, considering it’s kinda geared towards conventions and such.


How exciting! I recently got a “yes” to a moderate over a value, so I completely understand your excitement!

What is YES?


YES is the Youth Education Series. Groups get a backstage tour relating to their field of study. In our case, science. It is about 3 hours and you get a tour and get to ride a ride. For instance one year we rode Space Moutain with the lights on and off. Great experience plus you get the tickets for almost half the cost.


That’s awesome! Yeah for SW!


Great news, and if you need another chaperon, I am free…


Good for you and your group!!!


Good for you! I LOVE POR too. I don’t think you’ll be sorry if you choose it. Keep us posted!


woohoo!! The trip sounds like so much fun! And POR - WOOHOO x 10!!!
Congrats! :slight_smile: When is the trip?


We are going May 24th - May 31st. I really think this will be the best trip. I just booked us all on the Magical Fireworks Voyage. That is a surprise for all of the students. :biggrin:


That is great! I love the moderates!


That’s cool. Sounds like a good program. Anything involving education is a good thing.

This September will be my first moderate stay (CBR). However, I’m seriously considering surprising the wife and changing it to AKL.


Aww, congratulations ! I hope you all have a wonderful time !!!


Way to go!!!
Port Orleans is awsome.
Make sure to try one of the cinamon rolls in the main resteraunt for breakfast!
Also long walks at night along the river are memorable :happy:


What a great savings. Port Orleans is a great place to stay and I also have stayed at Coronado Springs. They are both wonderful. The pool at Coronado Springs is great.


Great news!

Now…with the extra savings, can you take some of us along!!! :wink: :cool: :wink: :cool: