We got a email pin numberdeal


Well actually I received 2 of them. I have read in the past here that people have received post cards or emails with a special pin code and I got em to both of my emails that Disney has of mine(Vanna is not happy that I got two emails and she didn’t get any lol).

The “deal” is supposedly for Florida residents if you stay at a select moderate resort for at least 2 nights at $144 per night, you will receive 2 “free” tickets to MNSSHP on select Friday nights in September. While the room price is not much of a discount, we enjoyed going to the party last year so we are thinking about maybe booking for Labor Day weekend if it is still available. We could head up that Friday, go to the MNSSHP that night and then relax Saturday and come home Sunday.

ehhh just something to think about…


Never heard of that one, must be new. If you’re happy with a quick weekend trip, sounds good.


That would be a great deal for a quick weekend trip! Too bad I’m in MI.


wish we all could go & meet up


WOW!! Wish I’d get that pin!:wub:


You lucky Floridains reep all the benifits. First-being so close to Dinsey!


Hmmm. We are floridian residents,but, stationed in Wy.

Do just get picked? How does it work?


I think it is random but it just so happens that I got it twice because has me registered with 2 emails. My wife did not receive and neither have any other friends who are registered with Disney