We got a limo!


Im sooo excited!!! My Aunt Carol who is coming with us to WDW just sent me an Email. It was a cfm for a limo to pick us up from home and take to airport and pick us up when we get home and take us back to NJ from the airport!!! Im sooo excited!!! Now I dont need to worry about parking my car… My kids never been in a limo before so I think I will keep it as a surprise!!! Im sooo excited!!


How exciting. Your kids will love it!


I hope they are stocked with soda and junk all all for them. I want them to be able to hang out the sunroof sceaming WE ARE GOING TO DISNEY!!


This sound so cool, we always have gotten a town car, but that would be a neat suprise for DS & DBF. I just might look into that, too. Thanks for posting.


Ah… that is so fun! Rlander surprised the kids and I with a Limo one year. It WAS stocked with Soda… we had a great time.


Oh thats wonderful- the kids will just love that.


That is great


I have surprized them once with a limo. They were almost as excited as being in the world. It was a wonderful way to come home from a trip.


My dh and I always hire a towncar to take us from the airport to our resort and then back again. This year our dd and dgd are coming with and I’m thinking of hiring a limo as a surprise for everyone. What better way to start off a vacation. Should be fun.:happy:


What a great idea! Sounds like GREAT FUN!:happy: Enjoy!