We got another night on our wait list!


You may remember, this dec 5 - 17 my DH and I are going for 12 nights. Our DS and wife and DD and family will be there part of the time. So the first night we have POP. It cost almost the same to book a late Saturday flight and stay over or fly out Sunday morning, so we just wanted a place to sleep, no parks that day. Then we were hoping to move to an Epcot resort. The plan was DD is staying at BLT and us at Epcot area, so we will almost always have a room to walk to for that afternoon nap for the kids (or grandpa (DH):laugh:). At seven months we had gotten 6 nights at BCV. We waitlisted for the other 5 nights at either BCV or BWV. Nothing, nothing, nothing. Then about 6 weeks ago, a CM suggested that we waitlist the last night (to hook up with rest of the BCV ressie) and the 5 night. We got the one night, adjusted the waitlist, got one night, adjusted, and repeat.:happy: So right now we have 2 nights at SSR, and 9 nights at BCV. Can’t wait till 9 AM to call MS to readjust the waitlist again. :happy::happy:


Hooray Jo-Jo!! Do you think perhaps we’ll actually get a chance to meet this time? As I recall last time we were both there in December, our paths crossed on several occasions. :slight_smile:


That’s great news. I hope the last couple of nights come through for you. Being able to walk back to your room is a huge bonus, it just makes it so much easier.


Just talked to MS. Readjusted the waitlist. The night of 7 for BCV and the 6 and 7 at AKV. We do like AKV, it would be nice to visit for a day or two. if the BCV night comes thru, we’ll then waitlist either one night at BCV or AK. I’m glad we have so many days at BCV. We are actually sorry we bought at SSR. We had never stayed at the Epcot resort and we didn’t realize how great it is to walk home. That’s the reason we got a few points at BLT. In 20/20 hindsight we would have bought X points at BCV and X points at BLT. With AKV, we are looking for a studio, what view do you think we have the best chance to get? I said standard, but I didn’t know what to choose. I did choose Jambo house, I figured everybody wants Kindani since it’s new.


I hate to hear that but I totally understand. I love owning at BCV, the resort is beautiful and the location is the best. We love walking out of Epcot at the end of the night or in the middle of the day, the pool feels so close on a hot afternoon.


Well at the time, we were “WOWed” with the room and since we were used to taking buses at POP, we thought what’s the big deal? But we were wrong. We didn’t realize the joy of watching fireworks and being home in ten min. (or maybe we are just getting old.:ph34r:) Granted no matter where home is, you have to use a bus at some point, but the less the better. We don’t even care that much about the pool. Last time, my DH went in the quiet pool for about 15 min. I just get comfy in a chair, found my place in my book, and he says “ok, I’m ready to go back”. My DGD does love that sandy part of the main pool though.