We got BCV whoo hoo


A week ago our 7 month window opened. We really wanted BCV, but it was almost completely booked for all of Nov and half of Dec. But I got two nights at BWV. Had to wait two days and waitlist for additional days. Start stalking for any more days to open up. Checking , checking, checking. Saturday night, I saw three nights at BCV…quick book those, drop BWV, set up wait list. I had to call MS today to drop one day at BLT and whoo hoo another night at BCV came thru. So we now have 4 nights at BCV. We hope to get one more day at BCV and then the rest of the trip will be BLT. Happy, happy, happy


Good for you. As a non DVC person, is this a pain? I’ve always wondered if this adds to your stress, or if it happens often/not often… Have a great trip.


Yea! We love BCV and always miss it when we don’t stay there. I’m sure your one night will come through, it’s early.


Well, it adds as much stress at you want to add. We already had rooms at BLT (we own there) so it’s not like we would have been sleeping in the bushes. We like doing split resort stays to cut down using disney transportation. That’s why staying at BWV would have been ok. But we really like BCV. It’s just seems such a calming place. At our age, having great spots to sit and rest and enjoy are a plus. Our days of disney parks from opening to close are over. Well, maybe we could handle one long day, but that’s about it. On our travel day (we usually get a 7 am ish flight) by the time we get to get to disney (about noon), Dh is ready for a nap.

I think if anything adds stress, it’s the fast pass thing. It was bad enough thinking where do we want to eat 6 months in advance, now it’s where do we want to lock in three rides a day two months ahead. Hearing people staying up to midnight to get passes for mine train or some Princess thing. Yes, it’s nice to have a ride already locked in as you walk into the park, but I sure wish they had done maybe get 1 or 2 advance FP+ and then you could get FP the old way.


I agree totally about the FP… It’s just plan, plan, plan for regular stays… and this just seems to add to it. Glad you are not sleeping in the bushes!!!



Of course there is always carousel of progress for a quick 40 winks.


Of course there is always carousel of process for a quick 40 winks.[/QUOTE]

…and to cool off!!!..


And if it is raining heavily- that area floods, and they route you into COP if there is dangerous lighting… I spent about an hour and a half in there one time…Thankfully. The water was 6 inches deep between COP and the people mover…


Wow…never knew that…interesting!!!


Did disney then hand out tubes and charge you for the water park experience???