We got BLT standard studios at 7 months!


We are taking a trip in early May with DS and family. Last trip with them, we did a few days at BLT and a few at AKL. DDIL asked that we not move again. Too much packing and unpacking with the kids. Ok, so at 11 months we booked 8 nights at BLT standard studio for them. And one night for us. That’s all the BLT points we had even with borrowing from next year. We figured DH and I can stay wherever. Even if we need to move a time or two, we’ll deal with it.

7 months is almost upon us. BLT has a day here and there. No way in the world will this work out. I could get a lake view studio for more points and at least be in the same resort, but would rather not. The difference in points means a couple nights more on another trip.

The day arrivals…waiting , waiting for 8 am to arrive. I got a few nights standard studio…yeah, happy day. I have to wait a couple of days to see what else I can book. Next day, there are a few more days open but I can’t book online because it’s outside the 7 month window. I call up MS, they said the can link the days with the reservation I already have. Whoo hoo.

I don’t have the whole week, but a good chunk of it. But with almost constant checking and a waitlist, within days I was able to get the whole 8 nights standard studio at BLT using SSR points.

Not as great as winning a 300 million lottery, but pretty close.


That is absolutely great for you. I told my boys we are going at the beginning of December next year, so I’ll be booking BLT at the 11 month window when it opens up. Hoping to get a standard view ourselves as I’m so low on points (always borrowing!!!)


Good luck with the booking.

We always book a standard studio. About half the time we have been on the outside of the C overlooking the parking lot, so we were able to see at least some of the fireworks.


Congrats on getting the booking!! We have yet to stay at BLT yet but it will happen one of these years :slight_smile:


Congrats on your booking luck. I’m going to try to book BLT tomorrow. I looked the other day and all of our nights aren’t available in a standard room. We’ll probably end up in a lake view and I’m ok with it since it’s only two nights before we move over to BCV. If we were staying longer the points would add up but it’s only a few points for our short stay.


I was going to ask what about BCV when I read your first sentence DT, but then I read further to see you’ll be there afterwards. For BLT, if you request even number, south side for the lake view, there’s a good chance of being able to see fireworks. Even number, north side will get you a marina view


We have a rule of no less than 2 nights in room. We wouldn’t move after one night just for 6 (or whatever) points. I figure you might save a few points, but then you are tipping bell service with the bags, so no real savings.

One trip we did 4 nights at BLT, 3 nights at BWV and 3 nights at AKL. We (meaning me LOL) did spent some time with the packing, but we save time with less transportation use. We would go to the park closest to the resort. I think at BLT we did cheat, I don’t thing we went to MK for 4 days in a row.

Most trips, we do two resorts. Having said that…our next two trips we are staying at BLT the whole time. First trip, we couldn’t find anything at BCV or BWV in Dec. In May, staying at one resort will make it so much easier with the DGS.


We’ve had both views and I much prefer the lake view that’s a partial MK view. We had one room a couple of years ago that had an awesome view for lake view. We were high up and overlooked the tennis courts. If I looked left I could see all of Magic Kingdom and if I looked to the right I could see the lake. Hopefully we’ll get lucky again. If not it’s only two nights.

We love the location of BLT but we aren’t in love with the resort. I think I would like it better if we booked a one bedroom. The studios are awkward and it drives me nuts. They just feel really small. We’ve gotten used to a one bedroom lately and I think we’re just spoiled.


Well, with BLT for us, it’s LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. I love being able to walk home from MK and bypass all the lines waiting for transportation.

I’m sure Lake view is a much prettier view , but we try to stretch our points as much as we can. Last couple of years, we’ve taken a few trips with us, the kids, and grandkids . With 300 points of our own, we’ve probably rented just as many and borrowed from next year too. So saving points between lake view and standard is very important.

But the one bedrooms are wonderful. A few years ago , we were upgraded from a BCV studio to a one bedroom. (No reason given, it just happened) Anyway as we are sitting on the sofa in the one bedroom being amazed at the space, I said to DH, this makes no sense. We live in a 2400 sq ft house by ourselves, why are we so WOW, at having lots on space at disney. I’m guessing it was just the surprised of it all.

Ok, old people brain alert…When that upgrade happened, I had called my DD on my cell phone but reception was awful. I told her to call back on the room phone. The phone rings, I pick up the receiver and there is no cord—you know the curly cord from back in the day—and I’m thinking “somebody stole the cord from disney???” Ah noooo, it’s a cordless phone you dumb ninny. My DD laughed her head off.