We Got Our Packet!


I just talked with my Dw and Dss on the phone (they’re in Ct., and I’m stuck on base here in Ma.) and we recieved our packet in the mail today from Disney Cruise Lines!! :happy: :tongue:

It’s got all our luggage tags, shore excursions, reservations, etc. I was so excited over the news that I completely forgot to ask if the tickets were in there! :eek:

I’m gonna keep a detailed log of our cruise, so when we get back, and I post our trip report, it’ll be even better than my report from last year! I’m gonna top myself with this one! :cool:

17 DAYS!! :pirate: :mickey: 17 DAYS!! :pirate: :mickey: 17 DAYS!! :pirate: :mickey: 17 DAYS!! :pirate: :mickey:


Yay! I am so excited for you!!


Thank you pumouse! All the long hours at work, the saving, and the planning are about to pay off now! :tongue:


They sure are! You are going to have the best trip ever! :happy:


I loved that feeling! I can’t wait to hear all about it.


I am so excited for you!


YEAH!!! I’m so excited for you (and slightly jealous, but mine is coming soon)! I expect a full and detailed trip report with lots of pictures when you get back…I need someting to hold me over until September! Have a great time! :tongue:


I’m so happy for you! I’m sure you’ll have a great time. :happy:

I wish we’d get our airline tickets. :dry: We have everything else.


Not to threadjack…But Kittie, I expect a detailed trip report from you too (and scrapbook pictures)!


You betcha! I have my scrapbook ready and I can’t wait to go to the scrapbook store in DtD. :happy:


Yeah!!! Ok threadjack over!


Don’t worry, this will be the BEST trip report ever! Lots of details, and lots, and LOTS of pics! :happy:

(nothing like raising the bar, eh’?) :tongue:


YIPPEE!!! I just love it when all the “stuff” comes in for my
Disney trip/cruise:) Can’t wait to hear about all the fun you have on your cruise…in…17 DAYS!!!


See you being stuck home meant you got to play with the disney packet…lol They should be more upset than you for missing that fun…lol


That’s 16 days…18 hours…and…uh…some seconds! Then it’s oficially Lapu-Lapu time! :tongue:


Actually Dana, They’re home, and I’m stuck! We live in CT.!! :tongue:

I’m the one who missed the fun! :sad:


I just went back and tracked down your last trip report! Sounded like a great trip! I think it may have tided me over for a day, maybe two!


The little books that have the tags and all init will also have your advanced fill in info - fill it out now- also your customs forms and your dining forms- everything that you can fill out now will save you the hassle of trying to do it there. go through and fill out everything. That way you can just hand them the book and they will take care of the rest! How exciting! the cruise is my favorite part!!


Yay! I just love official Lapu Lapu time! Haha!
Don’t forget to have one for me :happy:


WOW!! I’m really gonna have to out do myself on this next one if it’s going to have to tide you over until September! :eek: