We got our postcards!


Tink sent my three kids postcards from WDW and we got them today!!! The kids were jumping around and chanting 35 days, 35 days, 35 days!!!

What a pick me up!!! I cannot wait to thank her!!! She signed them from their favorite characters too!!! How fun!!! :biggrin: :biggrin: :mickey: :biggrin:

That made our whole month!!!


AWW!!! How cute! I love getting the postcard too. It’s makes me feel a little closer to be there. I am so glad that you month was made. :mickey:


I am just now getting around to reading post I have missed … you can never know how much I love doing this. I wanted to find a stitch postcard but the longer I looked the more worried I got about them getting the postcards in time.


They all loved them!! Thank you so much!! We have them on our fridge!! My oldest wants to put them in our scrapbook when we get home, with our pictures!!! Do not be concerned about it being Stitch(thanks for looking so hard tho!) He loved the Tigger you bought too!! We are not too picky when it comes to Disney characters!!!

Thanks again!!!