We got so lucky!


Yesterday I recieved an email from Delta that our itinerary for our September trip had been changed. They were changing our return flight from a non-stop flight getting in at 9:30 p.m. to a one stop flight getting in at 11:53 p.m.

Well, I called to see what could be done and they said that if I did not want to take this flight then I could take the other flight offered that day at 11:00 AM. Well, I was not happy at all, we specifically booked this flight so that we could leave Disney in the evening, allowing us another whole day in the parks, but to arrive home that late when three of us had to be at work the next moring would just be too much. They told me that since our itinerary was changed from a non-stop flight to a flight with a stop and a plane change, and because it was a time difference of more than 90 minutes I was elligable for a full refund. They said to shop around to see if there was another flight that was accomodating and call them back and they would refund the money in its entirety.

Well, Southwest just happened to be having an internet special of $59 each way. The times were perfect, so I booked. I saved over a $1000!!!

Delta has processed my refund and Southwest confirmed my reservations. Plus, I get one extra hour in the park!

I was so excited I just had to share. That is spending money in the pocket!!!


That is awesome nokey!!! Congrats to you!


Wow, that worked out great. Usually it only works out for the airline and not the customer. Good for you.


AWESOME! I am thrilled for you.

(Can I borrow $1000 for my trip. :rolleyes:)


WOW!!! That is amazing! What are you going to do with the extra $100?


That is unbelievable! Congratulations! $1,000! You can do a lot of fun stuff at WDW with that!


Well for starters, I am not going to worry about saving spending money anymore since I already have about $1000 saved, so now the trip is paid in full (except for the fact that you can’t pay for the dining until you get there, but that too is already saved)!!!

I also think maybe we will scheulde a tour for my DH and I. We have always wanted to do one, so maybe we will. Any suggestions?


WOW that is awsome!


NOT the Keys to the Kingdom!:eek: It was probably the worst experience we’ve ever had at WDW. TRAPPED for 4 hours in the most mind-boggling boring tour ever created. :pinch:

On the other hand, we did the “Living with The Land” tour at Epcot and it was GREAT! Just an hour and really interesting.

I’ve heard very good things about the treasure hunt at the MK.


What great luck! Congrats!


OMGosh! How wonderful!!! $1k is a really nice pad for your budget before a vacation :mickey:


You lucked out!! WOW! That’s incredible! Buy something great with that money you saved! :happy:


ya know, i did not realize until today that they could change someone’s itinerary after they book… I am not a very worldly traveler. But I also got an email from US Airways today that they had changed flights for my mother in September. Luckily, the times were only a few minutes difference, although the TYPE of planes she is flying on is changing. But I guess that will be okay.

But it did surprise me that they would do that.


:eek: How much was your original airfare?:eek:


Ready for this:happy: … My original flight was $307.10/person. Now it is $137/person.:laugh:


fantastic news. Lucky nokey :biggrin:


That is awesome! Congratulations!!


That’s fantastic! Congratulations!!!


You certainly did get lucky! Good for you. I imagine your heart sank when you first were told of the change…but I bet it’s leaping ‘n’ bouncin again now! :laugh:


Congratulations on getting such a great deal! I am glad it worked out for you.