We HAD great ADR's until


My flight was changed. Our first night we were suppossed to eat at Le Cellier @ 4:00, but since we are not arriving until 2:00, we thought it would just be too hectic. I tried to change them to a later time (for over 2 weeks now!), but of Course there is nothing available so I made them for Ohana’s at 6:45. That meant changing our Tuesday night resi since originally it was for Ohana’s, now I have an opening. I need your help to recommend a great place to eat dinner on Tuesday night! Here is what we have so far…

Monday ~ Ohana’s
Tuesday~ Lunch at Le Cellier,
Dinner ???
Wednesday ~ Yachtsman Steakhouse
Thursday~ Mama Melrose
Friday ~ Concourse Steakhouse
Saturday ~ Teppanyaki Grille
Sunday ~ Fulton’s Crabhouse



Aw man, you have listed pretty much everywhere that I would recommend!

Okay it might be a little much for you guys since you have 'Ohana 2 nights before…but what about Kona Cafe? Their food is really great, they’ve got the nice relaxed atmosphere of the Poly, and they’ve got some neat stuff on the menu that’s different from any other places. (And really good smoothies too! :happy:)


Kona Cafe, Wolfgang Puck Cafe (downstairs), House of Blues, Big River, Crystal Palace depending on the time, Chef Mickey’s for lunch? There’s always Shula’s Steak House in the Dolphin.


Whispering Canyon at the wilderness lodge! you will love it there.


Maybe San Angel or Spoodles! :c)


Or, Tony’s! I forgot about Tony’s!


I am adding another dinner ADR–either Les Chefs de France or Kona Cafe. If you pick one of those you can come back and tell me how wonderful it was :happy:


How about Artist Point at WL???


Well, where do you think you will be that night? (which park or area) That might narrow the choices down a little…


I REALLY enjoyed Boma… Have y’all ever tried it there?


Excellent idea! Try Boma or Whispering Canyon…although I think WC is a bit more fun that Boma, you can’t beat the animal look out points and stuff at the AKL either. Tough choice between those two!


If I had to choose between the two, I’d go for Whispering Canyon! I’ve never had dinner there, but the all you care to eat skillet looks YUM!!!


Spoodles! Spoodles! Spoodles! Spoodles! Spoodles! Spoodles! Spoodles! Spoodles!


Cavey man, you’ve got way too much time on your hands tonight!


I tried Wispering Canyon, my DH really wanted to go there, but they only have a reservation for 8:30, and that is too late for my kids to eat. It is so hard to get a dining reservation at WDW right now. I am so angry because I had to forfiet our Le Cellier reservation for dinner and now all I can get is a resi for lunch. The meal that DH really wanted is only served at Dinner. Oh well, beggars can’t be choosers.

I looked at the SPOODLES menu Cavey and it looks “Just OK!” I know a lot of you love it there, so I may gove it a try but I am a bit on the fence!

Artist Point is 2 Table service credits and I only have 1 left to utilize. I definately wanted to try them as well, oh well.

Kona Cafe looks Delicious, but Ohana’s is the night before, I think I am going to try to change some things around so that we can see if they can be worked in!

If not, the search continues… Please continue with the suggestions


How about the Hoop Dee Doo?


i agree with cavey - SPOODLES