We have 5 in our party, can we add another?


Our trip it in 31 days, my brother who wasn’t going is now thinking about maybe going. We have two meals planned while he is there…Ohana and germany. So do you think there will be any hope of adding him to our table?


I think you’ll be fine in Germany but 'Ohana may be a problem. I would call and see if they have a table of 5 jus in case.


Just show up with 6. I wouldn’t call and change it. They will seat you. 5 people would require a table for 6 anyway


What Dana said. :laugh:

Hey. I was thinking it. She just said it first.

Also? I needed something to do so I thought I’d type a response.

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That’s what I was thinking. But they do have those round table too. Wonder if they matter 5 or 6 people?

I’d even bow out myself to make room for him, but I’m the one with the TIW card. Can’t miss out on saving 20% on all those meals.


[QUOTE=Andrea;1107484]What Dana said. :laugh:

Hey. I was thinking it. She just said it first.

Also? I needed something to do so I thought I’d type a response.

Hi, jo-jo![/QUOTE]

Hi back, whatcha doing?? I’m watching star trek. Hope you have a good evening. Bye,

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Of course, “what I did on my summer vacation” essays go by the name of “TRIP REPORTS” around here. :laugh:


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I would be concerned about Germany. Don’t they seat you with other parties to fill the table? It would be terrible if the 6 of you showed up to sit with a party of 3 at a table meant for 8. Not likely, but possible. I’d try to change the adr just to see if it’s available.


Disney did a boo-boo on my ADRs one year I was meeting friends. They gave me ADRs for a party of two the entire trip even though I was a party of 6 one night and 8 another night. They sat us. It was not a big deal. Don’t sweat it.


I agree with Dana.
Tables are set in multiples of 2, so your table for 5 would have had an empty seat otherwise. Adding an extra guest to an odd number to make an even number is never a problem.


They’ll just seat the party at the first table that’s open enough to seat them all.
Last time we ate at Biergarten, there were actually three different groups at our table of 8.
And again, the average group of diners everywhere is an even number, not odd.


Turning up on the day shouldn’t be a problem at all! It’s not like you’ve booked for 2 and are turning up with 12 lol! One extra body won’t be an issue :slight_smile:


They may not be able to seat an extra person. It all depends on how full the restaurant is. The restaurant capacity is set by the fire marshall. If the restaurant is at capacity, they cannot add an extra person- even if there is an extra seat at your table.


I would think the capacity is set by how many you could have in the restaurant. Add up every seat at every table. So even though the restaurant is fully booked, all the tables may be booked but not every seat because of odd number parties.

Once my brother makes up his mind, I’m going to call and “test the waters”, but if they say no, then we’ll try the walk up with six plan.


Jo-Jo, if you need a 6th person, I’ll volunteer. I’ll send you my mailing address so you can send the airline tickets and WDW tickets to me. See you in a few days!


Thanks for being so willing to help. You just wait outside by your mailbox, I’m sure the tickets will turn up annnnnyyyyyy day now.:whistling


OKAY! :biggrin: I’ll go get my sleeping bag to camp out there!


Yes, that is true, but they won’t turn anyone away if they are willing to wait for the next opportunity to be seated lawfully


Still haven’t seen my tickets yet. Did you get a tracking number? :confused: