We have all (but one) ADR :)


Here’s what we have so far for our June 11-18 trip. Five adults, two grandkids in a 2BR Beach Club villa.

[B]Day 1 -[/B] Our flight arrives at 9:30 a.m., but we decided against a table service that day, since we’ll be dining the next night at:
[B]Day 2:[/B] Cinderella’s Royal Table (two DDP credits)
[B]Day 3:[/B] Grandson and his parents will be eating at Tony’s (He LOVES Lady & The Tramp!) The rest of us aren’t sure yet, but it’s my wife’s choice (we each got one table service choice and she’s stalling)
[B]Day 4:[/B] Raglan Road for dinner (MY choice - love the Irish dancers)
[B]Day 5:[/B] Liberty Tree
[B]Day 6:[/B] Character breakfast at Cape May Cafe
[B]Day 7:[/B] Rose & Crown (just in time for for fireworks)

(BTW: Our grandson’s daddy and our granddaughter’s mommy are the sweet kids in my Avatar - taken a few years ago lol)


You have a couple of my favorites in there - Raglan and Liberty Tree. Yum and Yum!


Well, my wife made her decision for Day 3. we’re eating at Chefs de France. We’ve never eaten there and we’re looking forward to it (as long as I can avoid the escargot and eat around the mushrooms lol). Any reviews?


I ate there for the first time last August and was pleasantly surprised. Food was a nice change and I loved seeing Remy!


Last month we walked up at Raglan Road around 10:00. We were seated immediately. However, after 20 minutes, we had yet to see a server come to our table. We walked out and went to Fulton’s instead where again we were seated promptly. Only this time we had impeccable service.
I’m not sure when we’ll try Raglan Road again, but I can assure you, if we do, it will be for a much earlier meal.


We have been there for lunch several times and have enjoyed it. The service has always been very good and the food has been good. I think lunch is a different menu and our choices haven’t been complex dishes but we have always enjoyed it and I would go back.


This restaurant is usually a staple for us, but we’ll be missing it this trip. We’ve eaten both lunch and dinner there. We have always had great food and service.


We’ve eaten at Chefs three times now. The first was on New Year’s Eve 2005 (I guess around 5:30ish). We were not impressed. The next two times were far far better. Not sure when the next time we’ll dine there, but we will.

One thing about watching fireworks from Rose and Crown. It’s over rated. Most of the tables face the wrong way. Personally, I think the view from the bridge is far better.