We have an 8:55pm Ressie at Ohanna's (Questions)


Can you see any fireworks from Ohanna’s?

Should we Request a Certain section?

Can I Request a certain Section?

We are a party of six…


I would get there early. There is a long side of the restaurant that faces the MK. You will be able to see the fireworks even if you are not right on the window, but it helps to be there… I would say it never hurts to ask if you can sit by the window, but get there early so that they don’t sit you by the window at 9:25…


You can see the fireworks from 'Ohana. The views are better if you’re near the windows.


I thought I saw a video of it, so this confirms it. We will be arriving mucho early then…most likely around 8:15 or is this too early.
Nothing else to do this particuliar night anyway.

This trip is going to be fun - besides taking a 1st timer - my family has no idea about some things…we are eating at 4 new places, seeing fireworks from new spots, and they have NO IDEA about magic, memories, and you.


OOOH. I love surprises! It is fun to surprise them!!! You will have a great trip!


Honestly, you’ll loose a lot of the impact of the show if you watch from the other side of a window.
That’s my opinion.


[QUOTE=Soundgod;1067886]Honestly, you’ll loose a lot of the impact of the show if you watch from the other side of a window.
That’s my opinion.[/QUOTE]

Agreed. The view is much better from the beach or Sunset Point.

Do they still have the music playing outside of the Poly like Narcoossee’s?


SG and others are right, the beach at the Poly has a GREAT view of the fireworks. I would have to say though, restaurant wise, Ohana is only third behind Cinderella’s Royal Table and California Grill for watching the fireworks. The view is great, especially at the bar with a big ol pineapple drink in your hand.


CJ and I agree on a lot, but when it comes to watching the fireworks from inside CRT, I would have to say that’s the LAST place I want to watch it from.
I don’t think you can see any of the stuff shot from the left and right sides of the castle, so all you see are the large high bursts shot from behind the park. Even then you don’t get the full effect of the sound and concussion effect of the bursts.
Equally bad is watching from Dumbo, because you’ll give yourself whiplash trying to watch both halves of the show at the same time.


We watched the fireworks from the Poly beach several times during the week we stayed in 2009. The kids played in the sand and my husband and I enjoyed a cocktail. I always like to try something new and make new memories. I am sure it will be special if you see them from O’Hana or the beach. Have a great trip!