We have booked!


We have booked our summer vacation!! We are going in June and staying at POFQ!! I am so excited, every time I tried to do it on the Disney website it told me that POFQ was not available for the dates that I wanted :crying:. In fact several resorts had nothing available. I wanted 7 nights. I called and the same thing…NOTHING available for the nights I had selected. Now this is where Disney CM’s get wonderful :wub:, the one I spoke with suggested I look @ 6 nights instead of 7, so I did and POFQ was available. Apparently they only have a certain number of rooms available for the promotion, buy 4 get 3 free. I was able to get 2 free nights w/ tickets. He also suggested that I call back later on and add that 7th day. I am very pleased. I love the POFQ!:heart: Now to start planning my meals…:laugh:


congratulations to you. Have fun planning.


Congratulations on booking your trip. I hope you get your last night, just keep calling.


congratulations on your holiday! Life is always better with a Disney Vacation in your sights! :wub:


Congrats on your vacation plans!! Keep trying for that extra night, it may still happen!


Congratulations on your holiday- have lots of fun making plans.


WOW what a good deal you got yourself. :mickey:enjoy your planning