We have booked


Going to WDW in June… lovin’ this AP :slight_smile:


Whoohoo! That’s great! I wish I could talk DH into APs so we could go more often!


hope you have a great trip, we are not going til Aug


Have a fabulous time! Alas, we were planning to go in June, but now have to wait until August… but I’ve been rewarded with Free Dining, which makes the wait ALMOST bearable!!:blink:


Hey, we will be there at the same time. Maybe we will pass each other.


The best part is you don’t have long to wait. Have a great trip.


That is awesome!!! I hope you have a magical time!



SO excited for you I hope you have an awesome time and take lot’s of pictures!!!


enjoy and make sure to take lots of pics to post here on MB.


Have a great time ! :happy:


Yay! That’s not too long of a wait!!! Be sure to pack light clothes…it’s gunna be a scorcher there in June! Have a blast for us all! :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone! Good thing we are early morning ppl that way we can get in and do most of what we want to do in the parks before the heat of the day kicks in. That is our gameplan anyways :slight_smile: