We have less than to days till take off


Any last min tips of Christmas things to check out? We plan to spend a few days just looking at resorts and we don’t want to miss something great.


Last year DH and I went to WDW the day after Thanksgiving for a 10 day trip. We had a couple of hickups but all in all a great trip. We stopped at all the resorts to see how they were all decorated. Everything was beautiful! We also took time to do all the special Christmas events in the park including watching them tape the WDW Christmas Parade. We had a wonderful time (but what what trip to WDW isn’t wonderful) we didn’t go on as many rides as usual but it was worth taking the time to see the Christmas dcorations, especially since we probably won’t go around that time of year for awhile. Have a great trip and enjoy the Christmas Party.


Have a wonderful trip. Christmas is such a great time to go, everything is so beautiful and the atmosphere is extra magical.


I thought maybe this link would help you see what is going on in Disney for the Holiday season.

Disney Christmas - Celebrations at Disney World


I have only one suggestion. Have a GREAT TIME!!!


Thanks, that’s one I will try to remember. For disney geeks like us, it seems odd that only now (about 36 hours before flight time) am I getting excited. And yet I have nothing packed…but the laundry is done, so it’s a matter of throwing clothes and a toothbrush in a bag and it’s almost done. (Except for the 12 thousand just in case items we always drag down with us.:laugh:)

This trip will not be a “how many rides can we do in one week” trip. I plan to see a few resorts we’ve never seen, and see lots of fireworks and Christmas stuff. Eat a few meals and then maybe throw in a few rides.


Have an awesome time!