We just added Biergarten!


long story, but our plans had to change, and we ended up adding a night to our stay. Keith (the amazing man that he is) got it added to our package, so we got an extra day of free DDP!!! so…

I tried for Kona and Wolfgang Puck but couldn’t get in before 8:30 at either place and since we have to be at the airport at an insane time the next morning, that just wouldn’t work with the kiddos.

Dh and I had considered Beirgarten in the early planning, it had a great 6:30 time slot open, so we decided to grab it! Hope it will be a good one!! I figure its an extra that we didn’t plan on, so even if its not fabulous, we still have the food and wine fest to snack on if needed!!


Congrats, emamasa! You have added one of the most delicious, most fun evenings in all of WDW! It will be MORE than fabulous!!!

We love this place so much… the kids beg for it every trip. You will not believe how delicious the pretzel dinner rolls are, and the salad bar and the whole entree buffet are really great food!

We have also enjoyed going early in the trip, because from time to time, we will run into the people that we shared our Biergarten table with! It’s kind of fun to yell HI!

Also at Biergarten, you will get entertainment and one of the coolest-themed rooms in WDW! It is a phenomenal and totally Disney-ed kind of evening!

Wish I could go with you!


I think you made a good choice with Biergarten. We love it and it is a must do on every trip.


thank you!! I am so glad to have such great reviews!! when DH and I were talking about where we would go (assuming we could get in) - he said “what do your MB friends think of that place” he said “I trust their opinions” !!! I was so glad to hear that!! Sometimes he thinks I’m nutso for all the time I spend on here, but glad to see he thinks its worthwhile!! lol!!

we are excited, its something different, and that’s fun in itself!!


Well you talked me into it…on the list it goes for Feb…

Congrats on the extra night!!


thanks Jen! it was not at all in the plans, our flight is sunday, and we planned to go see DH’s grandma (she’s an hour away), but since we needed a van for us and all our stuff and someone to get us and take us back to the airport at like 5AM, it just didn’t work out. I was bummed at first, but now I get a whole day at epcot Saturday, and the extra free meals!! so, sorry granny, but I’m going to Disneyworld!! :ph34r: :laugh: :laugh:


We too like Biergarten. They have a large selection of good food so I’m sure everyone in your family will find something they’ll like. Though German music may not be your cup of tea, you’re going to have fun. Enjoy!!


Its a requirement by DH every time we go. He loves the buffet, and the large beer stein doesn’t hurt either!!!


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

With the exception of the kids’ buffet at Neverland Club, this was the first buffet that we let the kids visit on their own. We’d stay at the table and spy on their progress. They must have been 7 or 8 years old, and it was so cute. DD wanted to put some sauce on her dessert, and she walked over to a CM and asked for help reaching the ladle. She ended up with a puddl eof sauce, which she ate with a spoon. DS came back with a plate piled high with those pretzel dinner rolls… he said, “Well, they just brought them out of the kitchen, and the HOT made me take a lot!” :laugh:


That’s great Sarah!!! Your so close now you must be ready to bust.


Bummer you couldn’t get WGP or Kona, you know how I love those places…but we really like the Biergarten too! We usually do it for lunch and have always had a great meal. This last trip I left it out to try some others and DS3 said, “Hey were the German place on our schedule?!? I want some pretzel bread!”:laugh: I promised we would go there next trip.

So I think you made a great choice and I’m so excited for you! Bring back lots of “you know whats” while your there!!! Can’t wait for your TR.


You will love Biergarten. I’ve had three great meals there!


Congrats to you! More food pics!! YAY!! We considered this restaurant also, but once you start narrowing places down- wow- there are sooo many to choose from! We’ll have to add it to our next trip.


It sounds so great, I am so curious about how it us, I know my husband would love it!


:glare: My DH and I went there during our first trip to DL - The food and Drink was awesome. My DH ordered a beer “OF COURSE-WE ARE FROM WISCONSIN” and when they asked the size he got a large one. After eating there our next stop was the USA to see the American Adventure. My DH feel asleep during the show. Needless to say I was upset with him for a couple of hours that day. On the next trip we didn’t eat there, but we will in 2008.


Mickeymotto - lots of what?? :ph34r: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: You betcha!!

I am very excited - just 3 more sleeps till we are there!!

did i tell you all we added rainforest cafe too? on our 1st day as a lunch - we got a free $40 gift card! (DH does tons of online surveys) so…even more pics!!


We ate at Biergarten last week and it was one of our most enjoyable meals.

Especially the pork schnitzel, red cabbage and spaetzle.:wub: DD LOVED the potato dumplings and dh ate every sausage on the buffet. Oh - and try a Florentine cookie for dessert. They don’t look as exciting as the Black Forest cake or cheesecake (both good) - but they are SOOOO good and addiciting. I also tried the wine tasting with my meal. Three Reislings - all excellent.

The entertainment is fun too! I’m a sucker for a good Oom-pah band.


We just love Biergarten! It is so good!


The Dave and I adore the Beirgarten! Dave more so than me…but it’s still great stuff!! The only part that I kind of don’t love is that you have to sit with other families if your party is below 8 people–but we have been lucky all 5 times that we’ve been there and gotten to meet some great people! I can be kind of shy so marrying a talker and getting him to order the big stien of beer helps too!!
I love the food there–but my favorite thing there has to be this cucumber and tomato salad thing…it’s like mixed with some kind of ranchy dressing. I have no idea why but I could eat plates of that stuff!! I also love the pretzel rolls and the chicken snitczel. Yummy!! And make sure you see stick around for the show…since you’re going to close to October they may have started the Oktoberfest show…it’s really great!!


I am so excited for you!

We highly recommend the Stuffed Lobster and Shrimp Platter…yummy!:wub:

Did you sign up for the Safari Club yet? They give you free appetizers and advanced seating even over ADRs!:biggrin: