We just added BLT!


We just bought 100 points at BLT. Who need a stress test to get your hearts beating, just dropped a wad of money and stand back. It’s not that I’m looking forward to walking home from MK, I was just being a good american and helping the economy.:laugh:




Congrats!!! Another BLT owner :smile:


How exciting! Congratulations and welcome home AGAIN!


You are a great American!!! LOL

Seriously, congratulations and welcome home again again!


Thanks, I just spent the last hour planning our trips for the next 1 1/2 yrs. Now I just have to decide which kid I like best so they get to use BLT points. Good thing I only have two kids or I would have needed more points. Really, I think what we would do, is use our points for rooms sunday thru thru and then they pay their own.


what a patriot. Congrats to you jo-jo :happy:


Congrats! BLT is going to be fantastic.


Yeah Jo-jo!! Congrats and welcome home!


Congrats! That’s awesome! Now if I can figure out how to get more points I will be all set :laugh:


Good for you!! I can feel my taxes getting lower by the minute…lol


YAY!!! Congratulations!!!


sweet!!! when I went for the presentation of AKV and BLT man those rooms looked awesome you are going to love it. woot! woot! omg! I wonder how many points does DVC MIKE have? he should have A LOT!!! lol!


I believe DVC MIKE has an even 1,000 and I’m pretty sure rlcarmichael has even more.


Congratulations. I think it would really be cool to be able to walk to the hotel from the MK.


Congratulations Joanne- you deserve this (((hugs)))


Hehe, what she said!! :happy:


Wow! Congratulations!


Congrats on your new “home”!!


Welcome Home neighbor. :laugh: