We just called Epcot


The UK to be specific. I ran across the phone numbers to the red phone booths in the UK in Epcot so My DH called and talked to a very nice lady who happened to pick up the phone. She said it was raining but she was having a good time. She was going to have fries for dinner. If no one answers it sounds like a fax machine after so many rings. I think we got someone on the last number.

(407) 827-9861
(407) 827-9862
(407) 827-9863


That is so cool. I might just have to try that some time.


That is hysterical.


That’s a lot of fun! It makes me want to try it! (:


Got the fax… This is a HOOT!
We will try again soon! I never knew it actually worked.


[QUOTE=zoey9797;1038991]Got the fax… This is a HOOT!
We will try again soon! I never knew it actually worked.

:laugh: Try the last number, that’s the one we got through on.


How did you get the number? How did you know it was a working phone?


how that’s cool makes me want to call it when i am there and get my kids to answer think they would be like dad how did you do that.


That is so cool! I want to try it! I wish the phone would ring as I was passing by, and I could answer, “Red phone booth.”:laugh:


This is toooooo funny!! The last time the girls were checking out these phones, DD10 said “OMG there was someone on the phone!” I said “really what did you do?” She said “Hung Up!” :laugh: No Disney magic from her!! :laugh:


That is so neat, but I am wondering how you got the number?


OMG! It worked!
We called and a lady answered… she was perplexed when I asked her if this was the UK in EPCOT… She said ummm yeah… you are calling a phone booth though. ROFL! We laughed and said we knew… I put her on speaker phone and we had a great conversation about the crowds… she thought they were light and the weather was stormy. She had been at MK all day and headed over to EPCOT for the evening.

Currently my DD and DH think I am officially nutty but boy was it fun!


Add: Mousebuzzer speaking… How may I help you?
Seriously that is what I will do too!
DH said last night… I bet we will be sitting by the booth in August waiting for it to ring… LOL! He may be right!


I told my sister about this and she wants me to try it out today. That is very cool since we have unlimited US and Can calling I just may give it a try.


I’ll be trying this tonight after work. More importantly, I’ll be stopping by the booth anytime I’m in Epcot to see if any MBers are calling!


I’m going to place an order for “Fish n Chips” for carry-out!!!


and Beer can’t forget the Beer


Ahhhh ha ha ha! If only it were that easy!

I am so gonna try this when I get home from work!

Thanks for the heads up.



Ok I called:

Call one (phone number 2):

EPCOT: Hello?
Tigger: The chicken is in the pot?
EPCOT: What?
Tigger: The chicken is in the pot?
EPCOT: Yeah right (hang up)

Call two (phone number 1):

Tigger: Operation chicken noodle is a go repeat operation chicken noodle is a go.
EPCOT: Ummm bye (hang up)

Call Three (phone number 2):

EPCOT: Hello
Tigger: The fish is in the frier
EPCOT: Sounds good (hang up)

I think next I am going to have to try to pull some Bart Simpson type pranks.


That is to funny! I’m going to save the numbers and call sometime!