We just cannot decide when to go


Before we even got on the ME bus to head to airport on our last trip, we were planning our next one.

We decided that if free dining was offered in Sept. (which it is) then we would jump at it and head down for a shorter than normal trip. Otherwise, we would consider going Dec. 19 - 26 (the kiddos only missing one day of school that way) and enjoying the holidays at Disney. I know it will be crowded beyond anything we’ve seen before, but since we’ve gone so often in the last years, we’re not going to be trying to do everything so the crowds would not be such an issue.

Well, free dining has been offered, but for some reason, it’s not available at the Pop. I really don’t want to stay at one of the all-stars…(I mean REALLY don’t want to) and I cannot see spending the $$ for two rooms at a moderate for a short trip.

There is schedualing problems for DS (17) no matter when we choose to go…in Sept, he will miss school more than I would like him to and it’s also when they choose captains for the swim team, if we go in Dec. he will miss the invitational swim meets and special relay events for his last year of high school swimming.

The next option, the one I really don’t like, is to wait and go in Feb 09, however, they’s cutting it a little close to our tenative Ireland trip with DS in July. (as his graduation gift)

So what do you think. I need to make a decision by next wednesday.


I thought I saw on the “who’s going thread” that some were staying at POP!

How come you don’t want to stay at the All Stars . . . have you been recently? We go to them a lot for our short weekend trips . . . we do have a car, so buses aren’t an issue for us, but they’ve all been recently updated so they are “nicer” right now then POP, which I stayed at in November . . . and I know the FL residents get the crummy rooms but mine needed a clean up BADLY!! :glare:

Anyway . . . check the who’s going for free dining thread, I’m almost 100% sure there are people staying at POP! . . . I’m going to do that now too!

OH, and BTW . . . FEB is a good time to go, just stay away from Studios (cheerleaders! :laugh:)


We stayed at All Star Music last year because we couldn’t get into Pop Century and our room was very nice.We stayed in Calypso on the back side of the building and it was very quiet.This year we were lucky enough to get into Pop Century. We prefer to stay at the value resorts because we figure were only in the room to shower and sleep. It works for us.Hope this helps.


Hmm…that’s tough! Have you ask DS which time he would rather go? I know its up to you in the end but does he have a preference? I know senior year activities can be crucial.


I think you should jump on the free dining. With your large party, it only makes sense to try and save on the food. Going at Xmas is going to be seriosuly expensive for your group. Try POFQ…you will not be sorry my dear. I sware by that resort and think your gang will love it.


I totally agree that we should jump on the free dining, and since we’d be going for a short trip, we’d skip the park hopping option and save even more $$.

DS honestly would rather not go at all this year. He’s worried about missing too much school, but he said he’d rather go in Sept. because the swim events over xmas break are pretty important to him.

Thanks for the advice!


Last year the pop was full right away too and then once people started to let go of rooms it opened up again. I would go for a short cheap trip in Sept (preferrably Sept 18th -Sept 21 LOL) and then you can feel better about not going in Feb or Dec due to the cost and save for Ireland. Its not the Christmas decorations but if you go that same weekend as us there will be halloween ones!


Jen, when does school start? Could you possibly try end of August? Maybe that would work better? Just a suggestion. :slight_smile:


Jen try booking at POR, I did with 5 people and the price was really good and we get free dining also. I hope you get this figured out, and get to go this year.


Yeah, I think I’d go ahead and book a moderate for September with free dining (you’re saving cash on food, so maybe the extra hotel $$ will be made up for?), and then keep trying to get it transferred over to POP.

That’s tough with DS; is he old enough that he can join you after swim team captains are chosen?

By the way, you need to update your “MBers I’ve met list” as yours truly was indeed at CaveyFest… ahem… ; )


Our daughter has put her foot down that she doesn’t wish to miss sports events. We’d have to go in February…


Well, it’s wednesday, and we’re still not decided. There are pros and cons to each time of the year. Stu suggested that we go later September and leave on a Thursday night with Nick and send him back early on Sunday night so he only misses one day of school. ( and we stay for a few more days) At almost 18, he said he would feel confindent flying by himself. This would be tricky ~ he couldn’t be on the Dining plan and we’d have to pay for his park ticket separate, but it might be our solution. I also have family right near Newark airport that can make sure he gets home to PA ok.

These darn kids…it gets harder going durning school the older they get. Originally, we didn’t think we could squeeze another trip in before he graduated and went off to (hopefully) the Coast Guard Academy and now we all just want that “one more trip” so bad!

:nonono2: I’m soooo sorry, Bali!!! Yes, I even have pictures of you!!! I promise to take care of that right away :wacko:

School starts Aug. 25th ~ and I’d hate for them to miss the first week…


Yes, I can understand that, I wouldn’t want to miss the first week of school either. My boys finally start after Labor day this year, so that’s why I asked.


Senior year - no wonder he doesn’t want to miss anything…such an exciting time in his life. I like Stu’s idea. He’s old enough to fly home alone and be able to get to and from school. He’s 18…a man already…he can handle it. I still think you should take advantage of the free dining…Xmas isn’t going to be an easy time to go…