We just returned and have


We just returned a week ago and have deceided to start planning our next trip. We would like to go 2 weeks prior to Christmas 2007, DD, DH and myself. We satyed at Coronado 4 years ago, SSR this year and we are considering Fort Wilderness Lodge for next years holiday trip. All suggestions, thoughts, concerns welcomed.

The Kigers :wub:


welcome back!! I can’t wait to “hear” all about your trip!

I think the Wilderness Lodge at Christmas time sounds awesome!!!


Welcome back! Hope you are writing a tr !! The Wilderness lodge is a beautiful resort adn in Dec. when WDW can be a little cooler than normal, it is a really neat resort to be at!


Wilderness Lodge is gorgeous…ESPECIALLY at Christmas time!!! You will ABSOLUTELY L :heart: VE it.


WL sounds awesome - we’ve only visisted there for dinner and to have lots of look-sees.


WL is a beautiful resort - the pool is awesome!!! You can also take a boat right over to the MK from the WL dock! :happy:


:heart: :heart: Wilderness Lodge :heart: :heart:!!

I can’t wait to hear about your trip! I can’t wait to hear your 07 plans, either!


The Kigers have officially caught WDW Addiction!!! But if it gets to where you start planning the next trip before you unpack the suitcases, then you will need to seek professional help!!! :tongue:


I think the Wilderness Lodge is a great next resort for you.


WL looks so amazing. I have always wanted to stay there. And 2 weeks?!?!? WHat luxury!


I can’t imagine a better resort to be in at Christmas!!!


We did a very similar thing. We came back from POR in September and by December I had my next trip planned for a Christmas trip to WL. We are going Dec 10-16 and I booked a room with a view, hopefully of Cindy’s castle!


WL is awsome at Christmas time. The decorations are outstanding!


I am so glad you are already planning the next WDW adventure!! WL is beautiful! You cannot go wrong with that resort. I have seen pictures of it as xmas time and can say without doubt, that you are going to love it! You are so lucky to get to go around the holidays. I can’t think of anything more magical that WDW near christmas. Look into Mickey’s very merry christmas party. It’s suppose to be so much fun! I look forward to seeing all your plans as they unfold. :heart:


Wilderness Lodge is a great “winter” resort. But don’t forget to stop by the main lobby of the Grand Floridian to check out their spread.


What about use of the pool in December, is it heated? Is that a stupid question?


I’ve never stayed at the WL. I just wanted to say congratulations on your next trip and anywhere in WDW is a good day but WDW at Christmas - WOW!


Nope, not a stupid question. All the WDW pools are heated.